Oh, what we have in store for you! We've drained you of your blood, we've put out the gathering call for all the freaks and criminals and hasbeens in the Middle Tennessee area, we've hired performers to delight your all 5 senses, and we are now officially ready to cordially invite you to Miss Olivia Jean's Bathtub Love Killings release party... Devil's Night 2014.

The night will feature magic, mischief, and mystery, hosted by UNKNOWN HINSON. JP5, Weekend Babes, Breast Massage, and the main attraction Olivia Jean will wake the dead with their malevolent musical stylings. At 6pm, we will invite you into our lair of deception, offer you a devilishly delicious grill out, and afford you the time to enjoy some of the surprises we have in store for you. On your way in, we urge you to take pause at our staged photo shoot area where, for $20, we will snap your portrait, rush the negatives back to our Third Man Photo Studio, and present you with your one-of-a-kind print later in the evening. We can only produce a limited number of these, so arrive early if you want to get framed... At 7:30, the most badass Halloween line-up in Nashville begins, with all sorts of eye opening entertainment to capture and captivate you in between sets.

Costumes are REQUIRED. We mean it. You will be turned away at the door, ticket or no ticket, if you aren't holding up your end of the bargain. There will be a costume contest with some highly covetable prizes, so you'll want to be dressed to the nines. This show is 18+. No exceptions. In order to fully enjoy the horrors we plan to present to you, you simply must be of age. Please also note that parking is limited in our neighborhood these days, and your best bet is to park on our side of the Mission parking lot (enter via Lafayette). We also highly encourage you to take a cab or Uber to and from. If you've never used Uber, Devil's Night is the night to start. They've offered new customers a ride for FREE (up top $25) that night. Just sign up and use the code DEVILSNIGHT.

Purchase tickets here, and check out our beguiling new Olivia Jean merchandise while you're at it.


  • Doors 6
  • Weekend Babes 7:30
  • JP5 8:30
  • Olivia Jean 9:30
  • Breast Massage 10:45