In case you missed any of the 4 Dead Weather Technique and Discussion Videos, here are all four, featuring the four members of the Dead Weather, handily stored in one convenient place for you to press play, sit back, and watch and learn from. While Alison's video was the final clip in this instructional series, it was not the last that you'll see of the Dead Weather on black and white film. There's a lot more of where this came from, specifically a full-length Jack White-directed film which will contain not only these four videos as well as the "Be Still" and "I Feel Love" Live Performance videos, but also loads of additional footage that has yet to be seen by human eyes... or at least YOUR human eyes. That is, if you're human. We don't like to make assumptions. Anyway, enjoy the knowledge bombs Jack, Jack, Alison, and Dean drop in the below, get your hands on a copy of Dodge and Burn if you haven't already, and stay tuned for much more to feast your eyes on from the Dead Weather soon.