The Dead Weather have released another powerful live performance video, this time of the primordial stomp of “Be Still” from the new record, Dodge and Burn, out worldwide tomorrow, September 25th, on Third Man Records. The new clip is once again directed by Jack white and edited by Brad Holland and Jack White. Watch it now exclusively on Entertainment Weekly.

The video is part of the series that has been released over the last few weeks with more to be premiered soon:

“I Feel Love (Every Million Miles)” - Live Performance Video
Jack White Drum Demonstration Video
Jack Lawrence Bass Instruction Demonstration Video

Dodge and Burn is out worldwide tomorrow, September 25th. The new album is now streaming in its entirety exclusively via the Third Man Records VAULT and global music and entertainment platform, TIDAL. The album has already received early critical acclaim with 8/10’s from UNCUT and CLASH. “‘Dodge and Burn’ is a sassy ball of madness coming at your ears at 120mph,” says CLASH. UNCUT say The Dead Weather "administer a thorough scrubbing to knackered old garage-rock until it gleams like the chrome fender on a Dodge.” Pre-order Dodge and Burn now to get “I Feel Love (Every Million Miles)” and “Cop and Go” instantly.

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