Dear friends,

When we were told that the Raconteurs had machinations to step into the studio together for the first time in 10 years, we were incredibly excited by the prospect, but we never could have predicted a number 1 record (88,000 album units!) or the absolute tornado of invigoration that the album would kick up around us. We are an independent label and our work on this record has seen us do more independently than we ever have before. Records, especially those by independent labels don’t often move 84,000+ records in one country in one week in this digital age. We couldn’t be prouder.

The album is wholly DIY. It was written, performed, and produced solely by the band members (save 1 cover) at Third Man Studio; it was mastered at Third Man Mastering; the vinyl was pressed by Third Man Pressing; it was released by Third Man Records without a major label partner or major label money. Our small, resourceful, in-house team worked with our distribution partners at The Orchard and Pias to build a plan that honors our commitment to and enthusiasm for independent record stores.

It’s an honor to spin on your turntables, play through your headphones, and blast through your car speakers. This album was a joy for Brendan, Jack, Jack, and Patrick to create, a joy for the Third Man staff to facilitate, and we hope it brings you the same joy.

Love and gratitude from our hearts to your ears,

Third Man Records