There has been a lot of ink spilled on the topic of The Year That Was 2016. With all the shaded glances back at what we've been through together, we couldn't help but take a look at everything that happened in our world... and wouldn't you know it, we realized it's been a DAMN GOOD YEAR for Third Man Records. Let's reminisce... 


Vault Package #27 Announcement & Launch
Third Man Books Poetry Reading in Detroit/Life is a Rip Off Book Launch
L+SM Presents... The Center for Home Movies
Patrick Pantano If You Don't Have a Picture Then You Didn't Catch a Fish Release
Flint Water Drive at TMR Cass Corridor
Quentin Tarantino's Hateful Eight Boxset Release
Negative Approach & Craig Brown Band Live at TMR Cass Corridor


Audio Social Dissent Tour (featuring Wolf Eyes, Timmy's Organism, Video)
Why The Mountains Are Black Release
Sun Seeker "Georgia Dust" Release
Sun Seeker "Georgia Dust" Video Launch
Dead Weather "Impossible Winner" Video Release
Timmy's Organism "Heartless Heathen" Video Release
The Rise and Fall of Paramount Records, Volume 2 Wins a Grammy!
L+SM Presents... Come Back, Africa
Ashley Monroe Live at Third Man Records LP Release
Josh Ritter In-Store in Nashville
Ennio Morricone wins Oscar for Hateful Eight Soundtrack
Thelma & The Sleeze In-Store in Nashville


Peripheral Visions 01 Presents... The Dion Brothers aka The Gravy Train
Juan Wauters Live in Blue Room
Guerilla Toss in Detroit
Third Man Books Birthday Party in Blue Room
Freakin' Weekend After Party with Portal in Blue Room
Blitzen Trapper performs live in Blue Room
L+SM Presents... Hans Richter: Dreams that Money Can Buy
SXSW Show at Beerland + Rolling Record Store at SXSW
Margo Price releases Midwest Farmer's Daughter
Golden Pelicans/Watcher/Nots perform live in Blue Room (+ Cat Flaps in store)
Autolux performs live in Blue Room


Father & Awful Records perform live in Blue Room
Science on Screen: Embrace of the Serpent
Vault Package #28 Introduction & Launch 
Sqürl Live at Third Man Records Release
Margo Price performs live on Saturday Night Live
Jonathan Toubin's Soul Clap & Dance Off in Blue Room
PV02: Martin
Record Store Day (The White Stripes Peel Sessions, Jack White "You Are the Sunshine of my Life," Kate Pierson Blue Series Release!)
L+SM Presents... Joseph Bernard: Prismatic Music
Life Is a Rip-Off Complete Book Release
Heidi Ross Photo Show "ILK"
"Ditto Ditto" Third Man Books Evening of Readings Detroit
Death From Above 1979 Live at Third Man Records LP Release
Joseph Bernard Prismatic Music Screening in TMR Cass Corridor
Beyonce's LEMONADE with contributions from Jack White on "Don't Hurt Yourself" premieres on HBO, Record debuts at #1
Negative Scanner in-store in Nashville


La Sera In Store in Nashville
Woods performs live in Blue Room with Sun Seeker
PV03: Three The Hard Way
Audio Social Dissent Live on Devil's Night Release
Chain & The Gang / Death Valley Girls perform at TMR Cass Corridor
Billy Wayne Davis performs in Blue Room
Bill Burr and Mike Price "F is for Family" Screening and Talk in Blue Room
L+SM Presents... The Extraordinary Adventures of Mr. West in the Land of the Bolsheviks
Ultimate Painting/Paperhead Live at Third Man Records Releases
Jack White writes and produces theme song for "Maya and Marty"


Shabazz Palaces Live at Third Man Records Release
Tony Conrad: Completely In The Present Screening at TMR Cass Corridor
PV04: Who Can Kill A Child (aka Island of the Damned)
New Summer Merchandise
Pearl Jam performs live in Blue Room
Dwight Yoakam Blue Series Release
"Invite The Light" Pride Dance Party in Blue Room
Pere Ubu live at TMR Cass Corridor
Captwolf performs live at TMR Cass Corridor
Wolf Eyes "I Am A Problem" Video
Melvins Reissues Release
Bear vs Shark live at TMR Cass Corridor
Brother O Brother in store in Detroit
Vault Package #29 Introduction & Launch


Scharpling & Wurster Live at Third Man Records LP Release
Chain & The Gang, They Got Fangs perform live in the Blue Room
Viva L'American Death Ray & Savoy Motel perform live in the Blue Room
PV05: The Italian Connection (aka Manhunt)
Southern Girls Rock n Roll Camp Showcase live in the Blue Room
L+SM Presents... Los Sures & Field Niggas
Tennessee Teens Rock Camp Showcase live in the Blue Room
Essential Tremors The Visitor Release
Coupler Blue Room Sessions Release
William Tyler Live at Third Man Records LP Release
ICARUS LAUNCH & 7th Anniversary Party - First Record to Play in Space


Boris/Earth perform live in Blue Room (+Stove/Mannequin Pussy In-Store)
PV06: Lemora
End of Summer New Merchandise
Triple Fantasty Art Exhibit in Blue Room
Arkells in-store at TMR Cass Corridor
Kendra DeColo My Dinner with Ron Jeremy Book Release
Joyce Manor and Caddywhompus perform live in Blue room
Spray Paint / The Rebel / Soft Option peform live in Blue Room
Kendra DeColo My Dinner with Ron Jeremy Book Launch Party in Nashville
John Doe and Exene Cervenka of X book discussion Under The Big Black Sun at TMR Cass Corridor
Melvins perform live at TMR Cass Corridor
Bruce Davenport Art Show in Blue Room
Detroit Cobras Reissues Released
Rolling Record Store in Louisville, Florence, Cincinnati 
Third Man Triples Baseball game vs. Billy Reid & Texas Playboys in Florence, AL
Ed Shrader's Music Beat in store in Nashville


Blitzen Trapper Live at Third Man Records LP Release
Stef Chura in-store in Nashville
Peter Walker performs live at TMR Cass Corridor
PV07: The Sentinel
Jack White Acoustic Recordings 1998-2016 Release, debuts at #1 US Vinyl Albums
Jack White performs on The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon
New Jack White Merchandise & Release Day Celebrations
New Michel Gondry video for "City Lights"
Jack White on Later... With Jools Holland
L+SM Presents... The Seventh Fire
Luck Reunion & TMR present: The Luck Mansion Sessions
Margo Price wins Emerging Artist of the Year Americana Award
Americana Showcase in the Blue Room
Neil Michael Hagerty & Power perform live in Blue Room (with Western Medication in-store)
Death Valley Girls perform at TMR Cass Corridor
Kaynak Bagpipers perform live in Detroit
Fred & Toody, Archie & the Bunkers, Blind Shake perform live in Blue Room
Autolux Live at Third Man Records LP Release
Dead Weather on Parts Unknown with Anthony Bourdain


Kid Congo and the Pink Monkey Birds perform live in Blue Room
Death Valley Girls in-store in Nashville
Vault Package #30 Introduction & Launch
9 Best of Nashville Wins
Icky Trump Shirt Launch
Ian Brennan Reading in Nashville
Detroit Cobras Release Party in Detroit
Lillie Mae Signs to Third Man Records, Currently recording Jack White-produced record
David J & Theatre Bizarre Orchestra Live in Detroit
Wax & Haystacks Fall Bazaar in Nashville
Jack White / Lillie Mae / Margo Price on A Prairie Home Companion
Denim Drive in Nashville benefitting YWCA
L+SM Presents... Tony Conrad 1940-2016
Moles live at TMR Cass Corridor
Iggy Pop And Jeff Gold Discussion in Detroit for TOTAL CHAOS
Basement Tapes in Blue Room
Margo Price "Hands of Time" Video Release


Kiini Ibura Salaam When the World Wounds Book Release
Becca Mancari in-store in Nashville
Electric Citizen & Horisont Live at TMR Cass Corridor
Iggy Pop And Jeff Gold Discussion in NYC for TOTAL CHAOS
Began "Cutting Heads" DJ Nights at Thompson Hotel Nashville
Tommy Wright III first ever Nashville performance in Blue Room
Tribe Called Quest We Got it From Here...Thank You 4 Your Service released w/ contributions from Jack White, debuts at #1
Turkey Drive in Nashville & Detroit benefitting Rescue Missions
Margo Price on Late Night with Seth Meyers
L+SM Presents... Lady Snowblood
Reality Something Live at TMR Cass Corridor
Raconteurs Green Vinyl Black Friday "Steady As She Goes" Release
White Stripes Get Behind Me Satan on Black Vinyl Release
Cat Stevens Blue Room Sessions Double A-Side 7" Release
Xylouris White performs live at TMR Cass Corridor
New Christmas Merchandise
Rolling Record Store in Cincinnati


"Once Was Lost" Photography Show in Blue Room
Defenders of the Water School Collaboration Announced
Total Chaos Book Release
Jack White nominated for 3 Grammy Awards
PV08: Dillinger
WDET's Culture Shift in Detroit
Jack White Tin Man Contest Solved, New Acoustic Tour Performance Video unveiled
Woods Live at Third Man Records LP Release
Leon Redbone Releases
L+SM Presents... Lois Weber: First Woman of Cinema
Billy Wayne Davis Live at Third Man Records LP Release
American Red Cross Blood Drives in Nashville & Detroit
July Talk in store at TMR Cass Corridor
Third Man Upholstery reupholsters Sam Phillips' Couch
A Very Detroit Comedy Holiday Show live in Detroit