Third Man Records is proud to announce the first-ever release of The Pathetx - 1981, a completely unreleased collection of classic Detroit punk rock. Album highlight "Kmart Krowd" is now available to stream or embed HERE. Clocking in at nine tracks and a length of 18:16 minutes, the album will be available on March 13 in standard black and limited edition colored vinyl 12” 45rpm versions, as well as digitally. The band will also be reuniting for a release day performance at Detroit's UFO Factory on March 13. Pre-order the album HERE, and find more information on the band's official website.


The formation of the Pathetx took place in Detroit in the fall of 1980 with singer Mark Leavitt and lead guitarist Greg Kutcher. Having been involved in the Detroit music scene since the early 70s, Mark and Greg set out to establish the first purely punk band in the Detroit area. Ultimately The Pathetx were regarded as a transitional band between punk and hardcore.

After some shuffling the band member lineup finally came together in it's final form in March of 1981. Mark and Greg found drummer Ted Meek, (a.k.a. “Iggy Moon”), in a local listing in the Detroit News, guitarist Tom McHenry hanging at the “punk wall” at a local community college, and 16 year old bass player Michael Goldwater (a.k.a. Mick Nasty), who tried out for the band on the spot, at a local music store.

In addition to their extremely fast-paced original compositions, the covers played by The Pathetx were based on the absurd, including “Climb Every Mountain” from the Sound of Music and a cover of “It’s Fun to be Clean” by the Human Beinz. 

While Nunzio’s was the band’s de facto home base, the Pathetx played throughout Detroit at Bookies Club 870, the Freezer Theater and the Red Carpet, as well as in Canada at the Coronation Tavern in Windsor and The Cedar Lounge in London, where Mark taught the energized fans how to slam dance and stage dive. The shows were fueled with blood and destruction. Bloodied faces, fists, broken guitars, cymbals and limbs all became part of the show.

The group went on to record at Reel Sound Studio in the fall of 1981. Although the multi-track tape was lost in the early eighties, the master tape remained with the band’s manager Steve Shaw for over three decades. 

Mark, Greg, Tom, Mick and Steve have since reconnected. Sadly, Ted Meek passed away in the early 90’s, but his legacy continues on with his son Keith Smith, who has followed in his footsteps as a drummer.


The Pathetx - 1981 track list:
1. K Mart Krowd
2. Gimme Nuclear War
3. Fat
4. Energize
5. Alligator People
1. Hypocrite
2. I Hate Rockers
3. Piss On My Shoes
4. I’m Alone