Third Man Records & Books is excited to announce Issue #7 of Maggot Brain, a full-color quarterly magazine containing over 100 pages packed with art, music, literature, interviews, and archival stories. The Winter 2021/2022 issue will be available on December 10 and on stands for Dec/Jan/Feb 2022. The front cover is a gorgeous 1981 backstage photo of Lou Reed, the subject of a phenomenal feature by former NY Rocker contributor Lisa Jane Persky. Purchase Issue #7 HERE, and find yearly four-issue subscriptions HERE.


In this issue:

• GRATEFUL DEADKURT VILE tries to explain them to none other than TOM SCHARPLING


• A special new piece about the making of the Velvet Underground’s LOADED


• MYRIAM GENDRON: A track-by-track guide to her highly anticipated second album


• LEE ‘SCRATCH’ PERRY: A reprint of the best feature we ever read about him, by ERIK DAVIS


• KINKE KOOI: Recent works on paper


• MICHAEL HURLEY: Talks to old friend TARA JANE O'NEIL on Hurley's first studio album in years 


• DOUG HENNING: The magician’s radical roots in Canada’s thriving 1970s prog/glam scene


• SISTER ROSETTA THARPE: Why she rules so hard, but there’s no need to call her the “godmother of rock 'n' roll” again, thanks


• GRETCHEN GONZALES DAVIDSON: The mystery and mastery of Detroit’s drone warrior, by Destroy All Monsters’ CARY LOREN 


• THE GOATS: The 1990s’ most forgotten hip-hop collective? 


• DEAN WAREHAM: A multi-page comic strip by MARLY BEYER, on drinking coffee with Dean and Britta and why his new solo record is so excellent   


• PHEW: Japanese experimental artist gets the ANDY BETA treatment


Plus, work on/by:



We love you and promise to never have a ‘real’ website. Long live print!

We miss cigar-smelling newsstands crammed with amazing publications from everywhere all at once. We miss Creem. We miss Ragtime Ephemeralist. We miss Spy. We miss NY Rocker. We miss weirdo newsprint thrust at us right by subway entrances. We miss Weirdo. We miss Locus Solus. We miss Off Our Backs. We miss Low Rider. We miss Kicks. We miss The Voice. We miss Motorbooty. We miss Avalanche. We miss Grand Royal. We miss Slash. We miss the Gentlewomen of California. We miss Raw. We miss being able to find stacks of old OzIt, or Black Panther newspapers in the back of that used bookstore in the strip mall. We miss the red and black. We miss the crowding into See Hear. We miss Index Magazine.

We miss anything that Joe Brainard did a cover for, that printed words by Lucy Lippard, that ran yet another bare-chested image of Iggy Pop, that told stories for no reason other than they must be told. And yeah, we are aware how cheesy that last bit sounds, but we are pretty much cool with being cheesy -- just look what the fuck kind of politics irony, disaffection, and that laziest vice of privilege have got us into.

And yes, you get it, we love print but we do not merely live in the past surrounded by the moldy old, really. We mean, fantagraphics is still publishing new issues of Love & Rockets, plus there is so much new stuff. From every single piece of paper at the Printed Matter Book Fair to the eight-colored silkscreen books of Le Dernier Cri, from your scrawled punk grad thesis ‘zines to the perfectly printed works of Eberhardt Press, there is still so much, and so much we do not know about being made now. And we still believe in the democratizing possibilities of the internet, despite its current state. We’re not luddites, but. Just please don’t ask us where our website is.

Over 100 pages packed with phenomenal content - art, music, literature, and unpublished archival stuff + more.