Today is a special day, for it marks the official release of 2 records that we are particularly proud to put out into the world. Danny Kroha, one of Detroit's many kings of the garage, has reinvented himself yet again, taking an unapologetic and refreshingly raw stab at gospel and folk, and solidifying yet another place in the canon of American music with Angels Watching Over Me. All hail Kroha! Learn more about the record and what Danny has to say about it, and pick up your copy, on CD or vinyl here, or if you're an MP3 person, head on over to iTunes to get your fix.

Benjamin Booker performed in our Blue Room last Fall, and the set was memorable, if not only for Benjamin's outfit, but also because it was one of the more transcendent shows we've seen here from a young band. Clearly, every chord and chorus had been committed to muscle memory after a year of hard living on the road, and the band playing wasn't playing with their fingertips or their guitar picks, but with their guts and their stories. It was magic. You can own it by clicking here

Please note: Unfortunately, though we were very hopeful to have Benjamin Booker Black & Blue exclusive records for those that ordered them at the show, we are experiencing a slight delay in manufacturing. We will let you know the moment we have them in house, and we appreciate your patience!