Today, we're thrilled to give a vinyl release to legendary Detroit punk rockers Algebra Mothers' defining single, "Strawberry Cheesecake" b/w "Modern Noise." A run of pink vinyl (limited to 200 copies) is now available in the purple and green sleeves pictured above, while the standard black version can be purchased in the gray sleeve. The limited pink vinyl version can be purchased at our Nashville and Detroit storefronts, while the black vinyl version can be purchased HERE.

This is THE single. 1979. Detroit, Michigan. A-Moms, a.k.a. Algebra Mothers, were one of the Midwest's early cutting-edge new wave punk groups, who would go on to play shows with like-minded artists Pere Ubu and Destroy All Monsters. And this is their only release ever, that is, up until Third Man released a compilation of unreleased and live material last summer. Now you have the chance to own a reissue of the single that sparked it all, in 3 vibrant and eye-catching colorways.

“Strawberry Cheesecake” is absolutely frantic and infinitely catchy, popping right off of the platter into your ears. Lightning bolt melodic synth punches, desperately human but then briefly robotic vocals and no shortage of freewheeling guitar solos make no secret why this track so beloved. On the flip side, “Modern Noise" is an alien punk keyboard-cram blaster with a decimating, canonical guitar freakout feedback ending that successfully melts minds. 

Get. Now.