We live in a state of constant evolution here at Third Man. Our building, our staff, our mission, and our aesthetic are living organisms. It’s not just change we seek, it’s growth, and sometimes growth happens without permission. So, when the walls of our store started to creak and groan, it was easy to figure that these were the sounds of growing pains. So, once again, we’ve unlocked the toolshed, grabbed our sledgehammers, and made way for our dear, rebellious, multiplying cells and EXPANDED!

Today we find ourselves approximately 33.3% bigger, 33.3% happier, and at least 33.3% more able to accommodate YOU! To celebrate our growth spurt, we invite you to stop by our store on Friday for a gander at our new merchandise, a glass of celebratory champagne (for those of age, of course), a food truck picnic lunch with Riddim N Spice, and, last but not least, the moment fans of HOVA and vinyl have waited for… but more about that later.

We’ll have a limited-run Sledgehammer Enamel Pin as well as a Jack the Expander Patch to commemorate. We’ll also have a handful of new, non-limited items: A new Nashville Logo T-Shirt, a Nashville Logo Kids T-Shirt, a Third Man Books Tote Bag, and a Tennessee Enamel Pin.

Friday only, we will also have every Blue and Green Series 7” at a nice price for $5, let customers “roll the dice” for a discount, and make Record Booth recordings for HALF PRICE! 

The store will also feature new display systems so you can explore posters and t-shirts with ease, as well as the ability to hold quite a lot more vinyl. Change... It’s good. Growth? It’s better.

The limited edition of Jay Z’s Magna Carta… Holy Grail will be available for the taking as well on Friday! Now YOU'RE 33.3% happier, right? Everybody’s cup runneth over.

 Playing on the theme of redacted government documents and expanding it into a full, clothbound binder with the entirety of the Magna Carta…Holy Grail album spread across eight 7” 45rpm records, this piece conceived by Grammy-nominated designer Brian Roettinger is cryptographically breathtaking. It is limited to 1000 numbered sets (though not all will be released and sold on Friday) and released in conjunction with Roc Nation.

Come toast with us on Friday! We can’t wait to show you our expansion! Sneak peak of our new digital and vinyl listening booth below, and plenty more photos to follow come Friday...