Third Man Records is excited to announce Vault Package #54Jack White Live: The Supply Chain Issues Tourwhich includes three colored LPs -- one blue, one black, and one white -- featuring live recordings from White's current tour (including the full set from July's intimate performance at London's Union Chapel), as well as a glitter blue 7" featuring a demo version of "A Tip From You To Me" from this year's stellar album Entering Heaven Alive. Find the full track listing below. Sign up is open now through October 31 at midnight CST.


So far, 2022 has been a relatively eventful year for Jack White. He’s released the albums Fear Of The Dawn and Entering Heaven Alive, each one with its sound and vibe unique from the other, proposed (and immediately got married) onstage in Detroit to kick off his tour, played over sixty shows across three continents to hundreds of thousands of satiated fans…and he’s not even done yet.

To celebrate the explosive run of shows, having received some of the most rave live reviews Jack has ever seen in his 20+ year career onstage, Third Man Records’ 54th Vault package is dedicated to the best of the best, the 3xLP Selections From The Supply Chain Issues Tour.

Disc one (pressed on blue vinyl) features the best live recordings of songs from the bombastic, fiery album Fear Of The Dawn. While the studio takes are taut and muscular and finessed, these live renditions of songs like “Taking Me Back” and “The White Raven” expand beyond that idea, where they are able to luxuriously conjure musical themes and chase avant garde tangents and ultimately deliver versions that land light years beyond their initial counterparts.

Disc two (pressed on white vinyl) features Jack White’s show at Union Chapel in London in its entirety. An intimate, emotional concert performance dedicated to his son Henry Lee with songs dedicated both to Jack’s wife, Olivia Jean, and his daughter, Scarlett, along with first-ever live performances of the tracks “Help Me Along” and “I’ve Got You Surrounded (With My Love)” and “Taking Me Back (Gently)” the whole show was nothing short of spellbinding and the sentimental feeling in the room that night is clearly evident in the grooves of this record.

Disc three (pressed on black vinyl)  is the wildcard. With the dynamic band of Dominic Davis on bass, Daru Jones on drums, and Quincy McCrary on keyboards, Jack has been, more so than ever before, truly improvising compelling cover songs and brand new, off-the-top-of-his-head compositions. With covers ranging from the public domain “Wayfaring Stranger” through the Stooges’ “I Wanna Be Your Dog” to the D.O.C’s “It’s Funky Enough” and the Monks “I Hate You” across a gamut of blues essentials like “I’m A Man” and “Cool Drink Of Water Blues” and “Born Under A Bad Sign”’s a true treat to hear the band snatch these moments out of the unrehearsed ether. Beyond that…true original songs like “That’s How I’m Feeling Right Now” and “Yes, I’m So Sick” and “When I’m Home You Can Feel The Tension” are legitimately ecstatic, memorable explorations that belie the fact that they are 100% spontaneous compositions, written on the spot during the live shows.

And just for the hell of it, we’re including a 7” single of “A Tip From You To Me” complete with the previously unreleased solo acoustic demo of the song on the b-side…pressed on sparkly blue vinyl. As should be expected, the cover art fits into the ten-years-running tradition of Jack White album single images that fit in neatly with each other…now totaling SIXTEEN entries into the ever-expanding, ever-impressive tableau.


Selections From The Supply Chain Issues Tour
3 x LP


Disc One:

  1. Taking Me Back
  2. Fear Of The Dawn
  3. The White Raven
  4. Hi-De-Ho
  5. Eosophobia
  6. What’s The Trick?
  7. That Was Then (This Is Now)
  8. Shedding My Velvet


Disc Two (Live From Union Chapel, London, 7-22-22):

  1. A Tip From You To Me
  2. All Along The Way
  3. Help Me Along
  4. Love Is Selfish
  5. I’ve Got You Surrounded (With My Love)
  6. Queen Of The Bees
  7. A Tree On Fire From Within
  8. If I Die Tomorrow
  9. Please God, Don’t Tell Anyone
  10. A Madman From Manhattan
  11. Taking Me Back (Gently)


Disc Three:

  1. Gordie Howe Bridge (improvised original)
  2. That’s How I’m Feeling Right Now (improvised original)
  3. She’s Like Heroin To Me (The Gun Club cover)
  4. Ghost Highway (Mazzy Star cover)
  5. Nervous Breakdown (Black Flag cover)
  6. Diddy Wah Diddy (Captain Beefheart/Blind Blake cover)
  7. I’ve Got A Tiger By The Tail (improvised original)
  8. I’m Running In Brooklyn Because I’ve Got Nowhere Else To Go (improvised original)
  9. I’m A Man (Bo Diddley cover)
  10. Evil (Howlin’ Wolf cover)
  11. Give Me Back My Wig (Hound Dog Taylor cover)
  12. Scuttle Buttin’ (Stevie Ray Vaughan cover)
  13. It’s Freezing Cold In El Paso And I’ve Got Nowhere To Go (improvised original)
  14. Born Under A Bad Sign (Albert King cover)
  15. When I’m Home You Can Feel The Tension (improvised original)
  16. I Wanna Be Your Dog (The Stooges cover)
  17. Hear My Train A Comin’ (Jimi Hendrix cover)
  18. Baby, Please Don’t Go (Big Joe Williams cover)
  19. You Can’t Get That Stuff No More (Tampa Red cover)
  20. Yes, I’m So Sick (improvised original)
  21. Wayfaring Stranger (traditional cover)
  22. I Ain’t Superstitious (Howlin’ Wolf cover)
  23. I Think I Got You (improvised original)
  24. Cool Drink Of Water Blues (Tommy Johnson cover)
  25. I Hate You (The Monks cover)
  26. It’s Funky Enough (The D.O.C. cover)


7-inch single

  1. A Tip From You To Me
  2. A Tip From You To Me (demo)