Introducing Third Man Books Fall/Winter catalog. From fiction to music to children’s books to art to poetry, we’re extremely proud and excited about what we’re putting on the bookshelves. For more info about these titles and to pre-order please visit


CAR MA is a love letter to the motorcar, a book about rock & roll and love." — Rolling Stone

CAR MA is artist and musician Alison Mosshart’s first printed collection of paintings, photographs, short stories, and poetry. It is a book about cars, rock n’ roll, and love.

Available from bookstores everywhere 08/11/2020.

“Benjamin Myers is one of the most interesting, restless writers of his generation.” — The Daily Mail 

The Offing by Benjamin Myers (author of the Walter Scott Prize winning novel The Gallows Pole) is his critically acclaimed second novel published by Third Man Books. During an idyllic English summer following World War II an unlikely friendship emerges between a teenage, nationalistic working class man and an older bohemian woman. While working a summer job for her, the teenager discovers an unpublished book of poetry written by her deceased German lover holding a tragic secret message beyond the grave, and both their lives are irrevocably changed.

Available from bookstores everywhere 09/08/2020

"Superb." —The New York Times 

 Vienna in the 1880s. Paris in the 1920s. Memphis in the 1950s. These are the paradigm shifts of modern culture. Robert Gordon gets to the gritty heart of it in his updated and revised 25th Anniversary edition of It Came From Memphis. This new edition features more than 80 new photos, a new cover and layout, new chapters, a new foreword, afterword and updated buying recommendations from the author. Stars pass through—Elvis, Aretha, Jerry Lee—but this story’s emphasis is on the achievements of people like Alex Chilton, Jim Dickinson, Furry Lewis and wrestler Sputnik Monroe. This is a book about the weirdos, winos and midget wrestlers who forged the rock and roll spirit, unwittingly changing the fabric of America. Memphis changed the world, this book might change you.

Available from bookstores everywhere 10/20/2020

Nine Bar Blues is musical in its name, conjuring the “New Weird South” … most of all, the collection is musical in its lyrical prose and genre-spanning short stories, like singles on a particularly excellent concept album.” — The Memphis Flyer

Nine Bar Blues is the debut collection of short stories by Sheree Renée Thomas. These stories are sonic rituals, works that cultivate and affirm the magical and the mystical in everyday living. Nine Bar Blues explores the multitudinous forms of music and the people who make it and appreciate it—the body’s music, the spirit’s music, and what moves a soul forward in the crossroads journey of life.

Available NOW from bookstores everywhere

In the pages of the Third Man Records Coloring Book by illustrator Joe Snow, you can take an adventure with Manny, Third Man’s Nashville storefront mascot, as he hangs out in our shop, takes in a show on Record Store Day, visits space, and learn how the (fastest) record was made! Draw Your own record label. Play Tic Tac Toe with speakers. Play word search games looking for “Theremin,” Scopitone,” “Microphone,” “Plectrum” and more about music. The Third Man Records Coloring Book is a musical experience on the page for kids and adults of all ages.

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