Golden Pelicans 
w/ Nots
+ Watcher & Cat Flaps
MARCH 25th in Nashville
EARLY SHOW! In-store 5:30 / Doors 6pm / Show 7pm 
All Ages

Our story begins in the palm treed hamlet of Colonialtown, Florida in 2011, where a nameless band spent their lazy evenings playing Derry Weaver songs for a gang of weed dealers called the Golden Pelicans, who, at the time enjoyed a monopoly in this Orlando suburb. When the Pelicans surrendered in a turf war with rival dealers The Earls, they lost their moniker, and their house musicians (why yes, the anonymous Gamblers cover band!) lifted it as their very own and ditched their surfer stylings for full on musical vengeance on behalf of their namesake — minimally theatrical, maximally impactful, self-described "hard punk."

One might get the impression from this tale that the gents of Golden Pelicans are lazy... opportunistic even! One would be dead WRONG. Besides their 100% success rate in making every girl and boy who listens to their classics like "Jump in a Lake" or "Pissing in a Puddle of Puke" feel positively despised, the band also runs its own label, Total Punk Records, and they also have poured their (dead) hearts and (doomed) souls into the TOTAL FUCK OFF Festival for three years running. Rumor has it this year will be the last, but we doubt that means they'll be back to Moon Dawgin' anytime soon.

Golden Pelicans will take over TMR (and we won't get in their way) March 25th, alongside three equally ill-tempered openers, most notably Goner Records darkling darlings and one of Memphis' most necessary, NOTS. NOTS are unrelenting bass lines, stormy apocalyptic guitar, nagging feedback, ever-present synths, and a top-of-their-lungs, pay-the-hell-attention, baseball-bat-to-your-windshield sort of vox that's as progressive as it is primitive. Heaps of praise point to DNA or The Petticoats and, sure, but that belies one point: they're a force to be SEEN just not through a SCREEN.



Two local bands will start the evening... Watcher at 7pm in the Blue Room with a special pre-show in-store performance by Cat Flaps at 5:30 in the storefront. Tickets available now.