Devil’s Night is upon us and the time is finally right. Brace yourself for the venomous reality that rock n roll, punk, and the jazzhead trip metal avant-garde aren't museum pieces to be overanalyzed and thrown under glass like sad fossils. This is vital music for violent times. So, if you haven’t already pre-ordered Wolf Eyes’ I Am A Problem: Mind in Pieces, Timmy’s Organism’s Heartless Heathen, or VIDEO’s The Entertainers, no worries whatsoever because we're gonna find it in our big dumb hearts to forgive you. In fact, we'll do you one better. For a limited time, we’ve put together THREE tasty bundles for you to choose from. First, the Audio Social Dissent Bundle, which includes all three brand new LPs for a very reasonable $48. But if singles are more your speed, you can get the straight shootin' Acute Dissent Bundle, featuring “Enemy Ladder” from Wolf Eyes, “Get Up, Get Out” from Timmy’s Organism, and “New Immortals” from VIDEO, all for a modest fee of $15. BUT if you’re in it to win it, feeling slimy, and you’re the real deal--the kind of fan every Third Man Records devotee aspires to be--you can get the TOTAL DISSENT BUNDLE for only $60. This includes all 3 LPs + all 3 7”s, the latter containing exclusive non-album b-sides that sound better on vinyl. "Wow," you might be thinking. I don't really know because it's not my job to read your mind. It's my job to help put out dope records.

And, no true dissenter wants to keep that a secret, we've got patches and pins and t-shirts from ALL THREE BANDS available today online and in our Nashville retail store. 



The time is nigh to get it together, grab some records and some fresh garments, and get mad. #tmapproved