Last week we announced the latest offering of our Blue Series, which, to jog your memory, is the one where we pluck an artist passing through town off the road, and plunk them down in the Third Man Studio to record 2 tracks produced by our top dog, Jack White. Once recorded (which is completed in one single afternoon), and mixed, and mastered, and sent off to the pressing plant just down the road, and the photo of the artist is taken in our Blue Room, and, and, and, we release the tracks on 7" vinyl. This Summer, it was Melbourne-to-rock-n-roll songstress Courtney Barnett who was open to this tour detour. Barnett recorded "Boxing Day Blues Revisited" (the solemn reprise to "Boxing Day Blues" from her 2015 release Sometimes I Sit and Think, and Sometimes I Just Sit), which tugs at your heartstrings despite the singers' clear and apparent apathy. "Shivers," the Roland S. Howard-penned, Nick Cave-crooned nihilistic — and quintessentially Australian — ballad, makes for a perfect B-side antidote.

This 2-headed beast of a Blue Series is available TODAY, and your record collection is garbage without it. Fix that by picking up a copy of your own HERE.