We know it's short notice, and we also know y'all don't mind. Why? Because Benjamin Booker is bad to the bone, and if you haven't fallen in love with him yet (either through his tour dates with our patron saint Jack White, or through his Letterman performance, or through all the NPR love he's been getting, or just because you have damn good taste), you're about to. Booker and his band hail from New Orleans, and while we could try to sum up their style into a tidy multi-hyphenated genre, we think it's high time we all cut it out with that nonsense, and frankly, you don't need the hand holding. Check out his video of "Violent Shiver" below, and pick yourself up a couple of tickets to the show - WEDNESDAY NIGHT, SEPTEMBER 24th at 8pm - at thirdmanstore.com. Tickets are $10, 18+, and doors open at 7.