photo by Angelina Castillo

Visit Rolling Stone this morning to hear Benjamin Booker and his band let loose on "Chippewa" during his Live at Third Man Records set last September, then head on over to and pre-order the LP, because you just can't get enough. 

Here's what Booker has to say about the record...

"This record is the result of a year on the road. Its the best nights of my life and nights I would give anything to take back. It's sleeping in parking lots and sleeping with people for beds. It's eating bad food with good folks. It's makeups and breakups. It's missing home and never wanting to go back.

Somehow I'm still here. Somehow the boys and I managed to keep things going. We learned from each other. We grew tighter as a band. The songs changed and on the night of September 24th we stepped into that building in Nashville to capture that.

Thank you Mr. White and everyone at Third Man Records for welcoming me into your home and giving me a chance to share something I'm proud of, the live show." — Benjamin Booker

We're proud too.