Even during their near two-decade studio absence, SLEEP's influence loomed large over metal and stoner rock. Formed in 1990 in San Jose, CA, the power trio found immediate acclaim after the release of their debut album Volume One in 1991, and the accolades never ceased.

SLEEP's output (which consisted of undeniable genre touchstones like Sleep's Holy Mountain and Jerusalem / Dopesmoker) slowed with their hiatus in 1998, though their story was far from over. After reforming for a triumphant live reunion in 2009, SLEEP (Al Cisneros, Matt Pike and Jason Roeder) resurfaced with the one-off singles "The Clarity" (2014) and "Leagues Beneath" (2018). Then came the surprise album The Sciences (winkingly released on April 20, 2018). The album found a perfect home with the genre-agnostic aficionados at Third Man Records, and its release was followed by sold-out shows around the world. -- as another 4/20 surprise, 2021 will see Third Man release a 2x12" version of "The Clarity" accompanied by "Leagues Beneath.” This new release contains stunning all new artwork and etchings by Dave Kloc and was entirely remastered by Bob Weston of Chicago Mastering Service.“