This has been an exciting year for us at Third Man with it being our 3 year anniversary and Blunderbuss being released and Jack White touring with two separate bands... So we'd like to celebrate all those good things with our next Vault package.

The LP for this quarter will be a double album recording of Jack's live show, and solo debut, at Third Man Records from our 3 Year Anniversary Party on March 8th of this year. LP one takes in the set with the band of all lovely ladies, The Peacocks, backing him up and LP two is the second set featuring The Buzzards. This is a fantastic and historical live document of Jack White and two fiery backing bands riding off the celebratory high spirits of the evening. The set took in classics from throughout Jack's career and showcased plenty of songs from Blunderbuss, which were heard for the first time that night for many. The LPs come housed in amazing packaging which will be a first for us... a Lenticular gatefold cover! For those of you who may not be well versed in multiple dimensions, the Lenticular cover will show two separate images, in one. What you see depends on how you hold the record or which angle you look at it. We'll spare you the Lacanian interpretation of the multiple imaged Jack and how these images represent the Id and Ego and the recorded product of course, the Super-Ego. Or using the Mirror Stage we can then look at The Real, The Symbolic and the... oh never mind. It looks incredible and you're going to absolutely want to display this cover prominently in your record room or mantle. The LPs, of course, will be pressed on split color Black & Blue vinyl.

The 7" for this package is very special indeed. Three Jack White bursts of inspiration captured in the moment only to be fleshed out in the studio later with a full backing band. These recordings were done on Jack's trusty field recorder, and give an intimate glimpse into his recording and songwriting process. The 7" of demos of Freedom At 21 B/W Love Interruption and Hypocritical Kiss will be pressed on signature Jack White Blunderblue vinyl.

And onto the third item in this package, which is another first. After the last Dead Weather tour in 2010 (that is to say, the last they've done, not the last EVER tour...) Alison Mosshart self published a book titled Shark Infested Soda Fountain of her photos compiled from their adventures on the road as a gift to the other members of the band. Beyond every page being packed with beautiful ethereal photographs, when viewed as a complete work the book is a touching and one of a kind document to the unique love and camaraderie of the Dead Weather and the cast of characters that surrounded them in their international travels. Alison has been kind enough to allow us to reprint this book in it's entirety and share it with the members of The Vault and we are of course in turn, very excited for you to see it.