Olivia Wyatt is a film maker and photographer based in Rockaway Beach, NY. On the 23rd we'll be presenting two of her films that have been released by the fantastic record label and collective, Sublime Frequencies. We are insanely excited to present the only Nashville screening of these modern day ethno-folk cinema classics. In Staring Into The Sun Olivia explores 13 different tribes throughout Ethiopia and takes in Zar spirit possession, Hamer tribal wedding ceremonies; wild hyena feedings and more in a blend of ethereal images, landscapes and sounds from the horn of Africa. The Pierced Heart And The Machete is a film exploring two Haitian Vodou religious pilgrimages that take place each year in mid-July. Both of these culturally and musically rich films are exactly the sort of front line and important sort of presentations that mean so much to us at Third Man. Really excited to have this screening at Third Man, the filmmaker, Olivia Wyatt, will be in attendance. Purchase tickets.


The dog Hisself joins us at Third Man for a rare Stateside live appearance. We're really pleased to have our old pal Steve back to Nashville to play a live show for us and the fans. Nobody, but nobody, rocks a Diddley Bow like Seasick Steve. This is a don't miss appearance from one of the greatest showmen and one of our personal favorite guys out there preachin the blues every day.

Promised Land is a new-ish band from Nashville that mine the best from the Burritos and The Band and we know everyone is gonna love em.

Seasick Steve will all be recorded direct to acetate for a Live At Third Man LP, and Promised Land will be recorded for a live 45. Limited Edition Black & Blue split color vinyl Pre-Sales will be available for attendees only after each the show.Purchase tickets.