After each completion of a successful Record Store Day in the past, we've said to ourselves, "We'll take it easy next year." But, like clockwork, each year around March, we throw caution to the wind and set out on a mission to make our favorite annual holiday the biggest and best one to date. Record Store Day 2015, taking place on April 18th, will be a glorious time of celebration at Third Man Records. We know not how to "take it easy," and we wouldn't have it any other way. 

First off, as you may already know, we're finally releasing the vinyl version of The White Stripes' Get Behind Me Satan and we've gussied it up with 3D lenticular images, colored vinyl, a new mastering job direct from the analog tapes, and heck, a download code too. For any regular folks, this would be makings enough for a humdinger of a Record Store Day. But Third Man ain't regular folks.

We will also be doing the first-ever standalone vinyl re-release of the earliest recordings by Elvis Presley. The 10" 78rpm facsimile record of "My Happiness" and "That's When Your Heartaches Begin" has elicited what's quite-possibly the most interest and excitement of any of our Record Store Day releases ever. We'd expect nothing less for the King.



If THAT weren't enough, we'll also be publicly displaying, for the first time ever, the original 10" disc containing Elvis' above-mentioned recordings. Purchased for $300,000 by Jack White from a Graceland Auction in January, this record will take your breath away. Safe behind bulletproof glass and augmented by an armed guard on duty, folks will get to see, in person, the record that is arguably the most important piece of rock and roll memorabilia in the world. For more on the acquisition of this "holy grail of rock n roll" check out Billboard's March cover story.

Ok. That's enough.


In the spirit of Elvis' first recordings, Third Man Records will open up the Blue Room to lucky fans and give them the opportunity to record themselves in the exact same way Elvis did in his first session at Sun Records in Memphis back in June of 1953. Behold the Third Man Recording Service. One mic, one song, cut directly to a 10" lacquer disc. Cut at 45rpm to be accommodating. George Ingram and Wes Garland (the crack engineers at Nashville Record Productions who cut all of the TMR titles to vinyl) will be manning the 1955 Scully lathe (from King Records in Cincinnati) making sure folks get only the best of quality. This may be your only chance ever to make your own recording on the same stage that's hosted such wonders as the World's Fastest Record, Jerry Lee Lewis, Conan O'Brien, the Raconteurs, Aziz Ansari, Wanda Jackson and countless others.

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Recordings will be by appointment only. Space is limited, some restrictions apply, and all that usual stuff. We will begin taking appointments Friday at 10am. The sign-up link will be posted here on the Third Man News page (and as an update to this announcement), and slots are limited, so put it in your calendar and don't snooze!

Those who sign up should be aware that the single mic can only accommodate about 1-3 people and certainly not a full band. 1 single acoustic instrument (+ vocals) is the preferred configuration (we will have an acoustic guitar on hand), though we will have an amp on hand for those who need to plug in. Any other instruments should be brought by the performer. Performers will have the option of having their recordings posted on our website.

Stay tuned for our PART II of III RSD announcement to follow in the next week! We can't wait to share with you the rest of our plans!!!