Stop counting the hours until you can get your hands on a copy of Wolf Eyes' I Am A Problem: Mind In Pieces. We'll save you the trouble. You have 43 days and you're not gonna make it. We can see it in your face. You look ill, my friends, and it is NOT flattering. The thing is you're finally in luck because our friends and fellow shriekers in the WE camp are going through their EXTENSIVE CATALOG and reissuing the rarest and fairest material. They're digging deep once a month and sharing the fruit of their labors. Think one-off tour CD-Rs. Think tapes made on a shoestring budget to get through a quick jaunt up the east coast in 2001. The kind of recordings that capture special moments in the band's history and the supreme intensity of live shows mid-tour and a glimpse into mutant sketches of bastardized, industrial jazz. Stuff that SHOULD have seen a wide release but simply sat shelved and dormant. This is your chance to explore the most tremendous, prolific bands of our time. Check out the stacks HERE, including:

  • Live at Banfields East
  • Live Frying: Chicago May 28 2004
  • Sept 3
  • Asylum Style 2
  • Live in Providence: Not our Laws
  • Time of Clearing


Welcome to the buffet of AUDIO SOCIAL DISSENT. Save your wheat pennies while you can because on October 30 will see the release of I Am A Problem: Mind in Pieces from Wolf Eyes, Heartless Heathen from Timmy’s Organism, and The Entertainers from VIDEO. Lead singles available HERE.