On October 27th, 2013 Third Man was proud to host the St. Pius X High School Marching Band from Atlanta as part of our School Choirs and Bands at Third Man program. We were duly impressed by their "Battery's Included" drum cadence and the fact that their "Fight Song" and "Alma Mater" were both written by an honest-to-goodness nun. An out-of-work upholsterer who was on-hand even took the opportunity to brush up on his baritone skills for the band's portrait.

As a symbol of thanks for the fun experience, the folks at St. Pius sent along a gift of thanks. Said nine time Grammy-winner Jack White, "This is the coolest award I've ever received."

For more information about our Choirs and Bands at Third Man program, visit http://thirdmanrecords.com/school-choirs-and-bands

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