Allow us to take a quick break from the usual new release and events news for a moment of retrospection this afternoon.

A good friend and charter member of the Third Man family, Larry "Cowboy" Morrison, passed away unexpectedly this past weekend. Cowboy has been with us from the beginning here in Nashville. He was our master carpenter, and together with the Sound Construction crew helped build Third Man. He's been an integral part of our lives. He helped build and sculpt our buildings with his bare hands. Fans have witnessed him all over the things we do from his extraordinary appearance in the Dead Weather "Cut Like a Buffalo" video to his distinctive Texas drawl as the outgoing message on our telephone. His large and friendly smile was omnipresent in our office, and we are so much going to miss his stories and laughter as a part of our daily routine.

He was a Stetson-wearing storyteller and a true Texan with a heart of gold. He loved and respected Third Man, and we loved him and respected him right back. His hard work and craftsmanship at the Third Man headquarters will be with us always as a daily reminder. We're going to miss the man himself as well as his large, gracious smile and hearty laugh. He was an absolutely unforgettable gentleman, full of character, and today we raise a glass to his memory and those who he has sadly left behind. We Love ya, Cowboy!

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