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Third Man Records: Your Turntable is not dead!
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  • Paramount Records Wonder-Cabinet Available Today!

    Posted by Third Man on 29 October 2013

    800 newly-remastered digital tracks 

    200+ fully-restored original ads and images

    6 x 180g LPs w/ hand-engraved metal leaf center labels

    Deluxe large-format hardcover art book:  250 pages, narrative w. full-color plates  

    Encyclopedia-style reference manual:  360 pages, field guide to artists & repertoire

    Handcrafted elements:  rich woods, lush upholstery, and custom-forged metal hardware

    Track & Image App: First-of-its-kind music and image player app, allows user management of 800 tracks and 200+ original ads; housed on custom-designed USB drive  

    The Rise & Fall of Paramount Records, Volume One (1917-27), part one of a two-volume omnibus of art, words and music in a limited-edition cabinet-of-wonder format, is a joint release from John Fahey's Revenant and Jack White's Third Man Records, co-produced by the leading researcher/writer on Paramount, Alex van der Tuuk. The set is available today from Third Man Records with a full release slated for November 19th.  

    The Rise & Fall cabinet chronicles in words, images and sound the curious tale of Paramount, an early American record label which, despite being run out of a Wisconsin chair factory, with bargain-basement recording and production methods, by men with few connections to and little idea of what black (or rural white) audiences were interested in, nevertheless managed to create a repository of American art that can stand with any this country has produced.

    Volume One focuses on the label’s improbable rise from also-ran (known for its “tin pan tone”) to Race Records powerhouse, exploring how its fortunes were tied to the Great Migration as well as to its unconventional strategies, “open door” recording policy, opportunism, sleight-of-hand, and incredible luck. Learm more about the set and purchase yours here.

    Third Man is also offering fans the opportunity to win this incomparable set by entering The Paramount Records Wonder-Cabinet Giveaway.

    The Rise & Fall of Paramount Records, Volume One (1917-27), part one of a two-volume omnibus of art, words and music in a limited-edition cabinet-of-wonder format,

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  • Rolling Record Store in Memphis & Chicago

    Posted by Third Man on 25 October 2013

    We're rollin' and chooglin' West to Memphis tomorrow and then North to the Windy City with goodies and vinyl treats in stock!

    Catch us Saturday, 10/26 outside the Stax Museum in Memphis from 11:30-4, and Tuesday, 10/29 outside the Green Mill Jazz club from 6-9pm.

    See you on the road!

    We're rollin' and chooglin' West to Memphis tomorrow and then North to the Windy City

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  • Seasick Steve Hubcap Music Out Today

    Posted by Third Man on 18 October 2013

    With a platinum and four gold records in the UK under his belt, today Seasick Steve releases his newest record HUBCAP MUSIC across the pond. The album, produced by the dog himself, features long-time drummer and frying pan virtuoso Dan Magnusson as well as John Paul Jones, Jack White III, Luther Dickinson, Elizabeth Cook and Fats Kaplin. The record marks Seasick Steve's second full-length on Third Man Records, and joins a blue series 7" ("Write Me a Few Lines") and a live, direct-to-acetate recording (Seasick Steve Live at Third Man Records) to make up his Third Man catalog.

    Hubcap Music derives its title from Seasick's 4-stringed Morris Minor guitar, fashioned from two Minor 1000 hubcaps and a garden hoe, and his second similarly made instrument using Hudson Terraplane hubcaps, given to him by Jack White. The Morris Minor guitar made its first appearance on the TV show "Top Gear," and rivals Seasick's Didley Bo for the title of baddest junk'strument ever to grace (and sell out) such stages as Royal Albert Hall, Manchester Theatre and Hammersmith Apollo Theaters.

    Listen to "Home" featuring Luther Dickinson of North Mississippi Allstars fame on slide guitar below:

    The album is available on CD/LP/MP3 via Third Man Records, at and wherever records are sold.

    With a platinum and four gold records in the UK under his belt, today Seasick Steve releases his newest record HUBCAP MUSIC across the pond.

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  • Upcoming Releases: The Gories + Jack Johnson

    Posted by Third Man on 10 October 2013

    The Gories began in the cultural vacuum of Detroit in 1986. With humble beginnings at a community concert series through a tumultuous end on their 1992 European tour, this is a band whose influence has far outstretched the ground they covered. Rooted in the primal, primitive underpinnings of 50's rhythm and blues and unhinged 60s garage punk, the sound they came to was wholly their own. Over two years in the making, Third Man collectively feels like a bunch of teenage fanboys with the release of The Shaw Tapes: Live in Detroit 5/27/88. Recorded at a house party in a converted store front, the band captured here is at the height of its powers. Featuring covers of classics by the likes of John Lee Hooker, the Stooges and Willie Dixon, as well as a bevy of their oft-imitated originals, Live in Detroit 5/27/88 is the Gories' first live album, their fourth full-length and their first widespread release since 1992. While band members Mick Collins and Dan Kroha would go on to wider recognition in the Dirtbombs and Demolition Dolls Rods respectively, the Gories should be viewed in the same influential context as the Velvet Underground and the Cramps. While they may have barely sold any records, the folks that saw and heard these bands were inspired to create. It's high time the Gories get their due and there's no better evidence than this explosive live recording from 25 years ago.

    The Gories
    The Shaw Tapes: Live in Detroit 5/27/88
    release date 11/26/13

    1. Nautiloid Reef (the Nautiloids) / 2. Leavin' Here (Eddie Holland) / 3. I Think I've Had It / 4. To Find Out (The Keggs) / 5. Boogie Chillen (John Lee Hooker) / 6. Real Cool Time (The Stooges) / 7. Charm Bag / 8. Sovereignty Flight / 9. Again & Again (The Iguanas) / 10. Thunderbird ESQ / 11. Hate (The Stoics) / 12. Train Kept a Rollin' (Tiny Bradshaw) / 13. I Just Wanna Make Love to You (Willie Dixon) / Give Me Love

    A note about the title:
    The prefix of the Gories album ("The Shaw Tapes") is both a nod to the Velvet Underground's "Quine Tapes" and gives credit to the larger-than-life man behind the recording of the show, Jim Shaw. A long time supporter of underground art and music in Detroit, his influence, guidance and style were pivotal to over thirty years of creatives in metro Detroit. He was one of a handful of folks who immediately "got" what the Gories were doing and was among the dozen folks who'd attend their shows religiously. Additionally, it was his foresight to record this show (as well as countless others) that's the inspiration for what we at Third Man hope to be an ongoing series. Jim Shaw sadly passed away on December 5, 2010 at the age of 54.

    Third Man Records is also excited to share the live recording by Jack Johnson for Record Store Day Black Friday on November 29th. Recorded live in Third Man's wonderful Blue Room on June 15th of this year, breakfast with Jack and his crack band was a smiling fun time for the entire family, and his thoughtful cover of the White Stripes' "We Are Going to Be Friends" was the icing to an already delicious cake. This will be a windowed release… only available from RSD-retailers on Black Friday and not to see a widespread release until March 2014.

    Jack Johnson
    Live at Third Man Records 6-15-2013

    1. Banana Pancakes / 2. Same Girl / 3. Radiate / 4. Do You Remember / 5. I Got You / 6. Good People / 7. As I Was Saying / 8. We Are Going to Be Friends (The White Stripes) / 9. Home / 10. Mudfootball / 11. Upside Down / 12. Better Together

    "The best garage band in America since the '60s. Very primitive…they made people with Les Pauls and Marshall amps look like idiots." - Jack White

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  • Vault Platinum Package #18

    Posted by Third Man on 2 October 2013



    THE DEAD WEATHER "Open Up (That's Enough)" / "Rough Detective" 7-INCH

    Subscription Deadline October 31st. Sign up HERE.

    Summer is turning to fall. Days are getting shorter, nights are getting longer. The smell of burning leaves and car tires fills the air and Third Man proudly preps its final Vault package for the 2013 calendar.


    The LP this coming quarter is a stunning live recording of the Raconteurs live at the Ryman Auditorium. Recorded from their most recent spell of shows in September 2011, the set is chock-full of all the unforgettable original tunes (no covers!) that make this band so essential. Of particular import are the barnstorming, bring-the-house down versions of "Blue Veins" and "Carolina Drama" both clocking in at over ten minutes in length. You like horn sections? Then dig the crack team on "The Switch and the Spur" and "Many Shades of Black." The band captured here hits the mark at full-throttle. Pressed on two LPs of 180-gram vinyl goodness, disc one on a rich rawhide and tobacco colored vinyl and disc two on luscious gold and oil colored vinyl.

    The 7" this go-round is incredibly special. Two BRAND NEW studio recordings from the Dead Weather. "Open Up (That's Enough)" and "Rough Detective" are unlike anything else the band has ever done and are both ample reminders of the ferocity of this motley collection of low-lifes, grifters and ne'er-do-wells. These songs are not throw-aways. These songs are not demos. These songs are not outtakes. This 7" will ONLY be available via Vault subscription. No other 7" of these songs will be made. The whole thing is pressed on striking yellow jacket vinyl and coupled with a custom glue-pocket picture sleeve, a slight shift from the Vault's usual die-cut company sleeves.

    Is there more to come from this? Yes there is. The Dead Weather's plan is to record and release two-song sets until 2015 at which time they will release a full album that contains these singles plus many more album-only tracks. It's a unique long-term plan for new music from this incendiary group. The songs WILL be released digitally, but not until Vault packages have been dispatched to subscribers. The goal is that physical copies are out there first.

    Our bonus item here is a companion DVD of the Raconteurs performance from the Ryman Auditorium. The four camera, high-definition shoot includes the venue (the venerable Ryman, where everyone from Hank Williams to Harry Houdini has performed) as an essential character. There's a reason why folks call the Ryman "the mother church" and we think this film illustrates the reasoning behind that precisely and pricelessly. To not only hear, but see the Raconteurs at their arguable zenith is a treat unparalleled.

    The Raconteurs Live at the Ryman Auditorium September 15, 2011 LP/DVD track list:

    1. Consoler of the Lonely / 2. Hands / 3. Level / 4. Old Enough / 5. Top Yourself / 6. Many Shades of Black / 7. The Switch and the Spur / 8. Intimate Secretary / 9. Broken Boy Soldier / 10. Blue Veins / 11. Salute Your Solution / 12. Steady, As She Goes / 13. Carolina Drama

    The Dead Weather 7" single

    "Open Up (That's Enough)" and "Rough Detective"


    Learn more about Vault subscriptions HERE, and SIGN UP by October 31st to receive Vault Package #18.


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  • Rolling Record Store Fall Tour

    Posted by Third Man on 27 September 2013

    Back by popular demand, the Rolling Record Store is hitting the road
    again! Citizens of Knoxville, Charlotte, Raleigh, Washington D.C., Philly, New York City, Pittsburgh, Detroit, and Louisville rejoice! We're rollin' n' chooglin'
    in your direction. Details below:

    Back by popular demand, the Rolling Record Store is hitting the road again!

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