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Third Man Records: Your Turntable is not dead!
Third Man Records

    Posted by Third Man on 26 January 2015

    To celebrate the release of Danny Kroha’s solo debut album on Third Man (out tomorrow!) we’ve invited him down from the icy environs of Detroit to Nashville for a FREE show at our favorite night spot, The Basement on Monday February 2nd. Oh we’ll have it all... Third Man DJs (‘The BENS' will be in the house on the ones and twos), ridiculously great local acts we love, Dean Jackson and Sun Seeker and the man himself Danny Kroha playing tunes from his fresh-off-the-presses Third Man debut, Angels Watching Over Me. Of course we’ll also have limited edition versions of Danny’s LP for sale as well. This is the only time and place you’ll be able to pick these green vinyl beauties up in Nashville… 

    Danny has been a mainstay in the Detroit music scene for over thirty years. A man consistently pushing himself to reinvent. As a founding member of garage legends The Gories, he’s influenced countless imitators and poseurs. From The Demolition Doll Rods, to Rocket 455 to Danny & The Darleans every project he’s involved with has been heavily dosed with Detroit rock n roll n soul. So with his first full-length under his own name, it MAY come as an unexpected turn that he’s dealing in classic gospel and folk. Playing every instrument himself, spanning guitar, banjo, baritone dulcimer, diddley bow, washtub bass, jug and mouth organ, the end result is a collection of compelling and timeless traditional songs. Angels Watching Over Me is the real deal, seeming that it could’ve been recorded at any time over the past 70 years. With this album, Kroha firmly establishes himself as one of the pre-eminent practitioners of a genre in desperate need of someone with his creativity and vision in moving forward the classic American art form. 

    And here’s a fresh taste off the album, the title track "Angels Watching Over Me."

    Regarding this track, Danny has this to say: 

    "I learned this traditional song from a recording made in the early sixties by a Detroit preacher named Brother Will Hairston. In making his version, he gathered verses from a couple of other old gospel songs “A Charge To Keep I Have” and “ On Jordan’s Stormy Banks I Stand.” I got the, “and now I lay me down to sleep” part when I looked up the lyrics. In a world where we’re constantly bombarded with messages of fear, I find the chorus of this song to be a powerful and soothing affirmation."

    Danny Kroha FREE Nashville Record Release
    February 2nd at The Basement 
    Doors 8:30 
    Danny Kroha, Sun Seeker, Dean Jackson

    To celebrate the release of Danny Kroha’s solo debut album on Third Man (Out January 27th!) we’ve invited him down from the icy environs of Detroit to Nashville for a FREE show at our favorite night spot, The Basement on Monday February 2nd.

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  • John Reilly & Friends On Tour

    Posted by Third Man on 25 January 2015

    Third Man recording artists and traveling stars of the American country and folk scene, John Reilly & Friends are hitting the road and coming to a town near you! Don't delay, shilly shally nor dilly dally on this folks because tickets are moving fast and you do not want to miss this show! Check the links for tix and we'll see ya there!

    Washington DC Jan. 27th--Sixth and I 
    Sellersville PA Jan. 28th--Sellersville Theatre 
    Philadelphia PA Jan. 29th--World Cafe 
    New York NY Jan. 30th--Lincoln Center Appel Room 
    Norfolk CT Jan. 31th--Infinity Hall 
    Pittsburgh PA Feb. 2nd--Club Cafe 
    Anapolis MD Feb.3rd--Ram's Head Onstage 
    Wilmington DE Feb. 4th--Baby Grand
    Somerville MA Feb. 6th--Somerville Armory 
    Providence RI Feb. 7th--Columbus Theater 

    John Reilly & Friends are hitting the road and coming to a town near you!

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  • Light + Sound Machine Presents... Josephine Decker's THOU WAST MILD & LOVELY

    Posted by Third Man on 23 January 2015

    The Belcourt Theatre and Third Man Records is proud to present February's Light + Sound Machine screening: Josephine Decker's THOU WAST MILD & LOVELY preceded by Decker's short film ME THE TERRIBLE. The films will be shown Thursday February 19th at 8pm with doors at 7pm. Purchase tickets here.

    Director Josephine Decker’s highly-acclaimed second feature unfolds with the lyricism and inexorable sense of tragedy of an ancient Appalachian murder ballad. Indie icon Joe Swanberg (director of HAPPY CHRISTMAS and DRINKING BUDDIES) delivers a beautifully understated performance as Akin, a soft-spoken farmworker who takes a summer job working for the belligerent, domineering Jeremiah (Robert Longstreet), who lives in incestuous isolation with his daughter. Sophie Traub’s performance as the daughter, Sarah, has the sun-dappled quality of one of Andrew Wyeth’s Helga paintings: hers is a completely innocent and destructive sexuality, overripe to the point of bursting. Decker’s vision of Paradise Lost – dew clinging to a spider’s web, the insistent hum of insects, a young girl writhing on the grass – is unforgettably poetic and erotic, and seems to echo down from ages past.

    Purchase advance tickets here, or, if you're a Belcourt member, head to for discounted tickets. 

    February 2015's Light + Sound Machine Screening is Josephine Decker's THOU WAST MILD & LOVELY

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  • Benjamin Booker "Chippewa" Premiere and Pre-Order

    Posted by Katie Studley on 23 January 2015

    photo by Angelina Castillo

    Visit Rolling Stone this morning to hear Benjamin Booker and his band let loose on "Chippewa" during his Live at Third Man Records set last September, then head on over to and pre-order the LP, because you just can't get enough. 

    Here's what Booker has to say about the record...

    "This record is the result of a year on the road. Its the best nights of my life and nights I would give anything to take back. It's sleeping in parking lots and sleeping with people for beds. It's eating bad food with good folks. It's makeups and breakups. It's missing home and never wanting to go back.

    Somehow I'm still here. Somehow the boys and I managed to keep things going. We learned from each other. We grew tighter as a band. The songs changed and on the night of September 24th we stepped into that building in Nashville to capture that.

    Thank you Mr. White and everyone at Third Man Records for welcoming me into your home and giving me a chance to share something I'm proud of, the live show." — Benjamin Booker

    We're proud too. 


    Benjamin Booker's Live at Third Man Records LP is now available for pre-order. Preview a track at

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  • Parquet Courts Live at Third Man Records to be Released March 3rd

    Posted by Third Man on 22 January 2015

    Third Man Records is excited to announce the March 3rd release of Parquet Courts: Live At Third Man Records--the latest addition to the Live At Third Man series.

    Parquet Courts brought a sweltering performance to the hallowed grounds of Third Man’s Blue Room on June 5th of last year--and very fortunately, TMR was able to lovingly capture it with their one-of-a-kind, direct-to-acetate recording process. The set included a dynamic selection of songs from last year’s critically acclaimed album Sunbathing Animal, as well as the 2013 EP, Tally All The Things That You Broke. The end result? A record that will have your feet stompin’ and body rockin’ as soon as the needle hits. Track listing included below for your perusal.

    1. Duckin & Dodgin
    2. Bodies
    3. Black & White
    4. Vienna II
    5. Always Back In Town
    6. Dear Ramona
    7. Descend
    8. Instant Disassembly
    9. Raw Milk
    10. Into the Garden
    11. Sunbathing Animal

    For a tasty sample, check out clips of “Sunbathing Animal” and “Vienna II”below:

    Third Man Records is excited to announce the March 3rd release of Parquet Courts: Live At Third Man Records--the latest addition to the Live At Third Man series.

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  • Shabazz Palaces and Coupler Live at Third Man Records Recap + Photos

    Posted by Third Man on 20 January 2015

    This past Saturday Shabazz Palaces performed to a sold out crowd at Third Man and committed to acetate what might be one of the best shows our Blue Room has seen to date. Coupler opened with their "deliberately ambient" magic, working the audience into the perfect trance for Ishmael Butler and Tendai Maraire to bust wide open with their introductory number "Cake." Check out the Spin's recap here, and view our full photo set on our Past Events page. We can't WAIT to get this record in your hands and on your turntables. 

    click thumbnails to enlarge  


    Photos and recap from Saturday's Shabazz Palaces and Coupler show at Third Man Records

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