15 September 2015

Feast your ears on the latest piece of infuriated gloom from the Wolf Eyes camp. The second peek at their upcoming full-length, I Am A Problem: Mind In Pieces is called “T.O.D.D.” and it’s now streaming over at NPR’s All Songs Considered. It’s a song inspired by the life and work of Tod Dockstader, the mastermind musique concrète composer who passed away while the album was being recorded. Just another taste of majesty to ease the common ache. The first single, "Enemy Ladder" is now available HERE and it includes the equally stunning anti-groove anthem of “Dull Murder 2” as an exclusive, non-album b-side. It’s my personal favorite and it’s TRIP METAL APPROVED.

According to Viking’s Choice at NPR: ”T.O.D.D.” sounds like a crumbling Velvet Underground bootleg that's been burned to ashes and smeared into Pentagram frontman Bobby Liebling's banshee eyeliner. Now two years after declaring noise over ("Completely, 100 percent"), here Wolf Eyes embraces the metallic side of its self-christened genre/lifestyle "trip metal" with a washed-out, doomy guitar buried under a monotone chant and the most primal kick drum imaginable."

Well, I’m not sure I could have said it any better myself. This will hold us over until the next wave of unreleased material is posted on to the Wolf Eyes Bandcamp. I wonder what else they have planned… In the meantime, head over to All Songs Considered...