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The Dough Rollers Blue Series

Posted by Third Man on 27 June 2013

Our Blue Series of 7"s continues it's stampede over the music industry on July 9th with a staggering entry from Los Angeles' angels with dirty faces, The Dough Rollers. Featuring an expanded and electrified line-up, Malcolm Ford (vox, guitar) and Jack Byrne (guitar) are now joined by Josh Barocas and Kyle Olson on bass and drums, respectively. Their Third Man Blue Series is the inaugural voyage for the new line up, and what a debutante party it is...

The invigorated power quatro blasted by Third Man a couple months back and dropped two perfectly formed slabs of American blues rock on us… "Little Lily" is an inner ear explosion with the energy and tension of a train rolling off the rails and the rails are Malcolm's pleading whiskey damaged vocals. Continuing with this brilliant outmoded forms of transportation as music metaphor, "The Sailing Song" rolls along with high seas majesty, The Dough Rollers as drunken shipmates and Jack Bryne's solo is a bottle of rum smashed on the rocks. The boat never sinks though, cause this shit isn't a boat after all but a fucking life raft. So get on board and let the Dough Rollers pillage your village!

The A side premiered on Noisey today, Pre-sales are available now, and the release will officially be available in stores and on iTunes July 9th. Stay tuned to this Bat Channel for more news and information on The Dough Rollers, pictured below...