11 August 2017

The fourth release in Third Man RecordsBlue Room Sessions (cut live direct-to-acetate to a purposefully almost empty room) features two killer cuts from Nashville garage-psych scholars and kings-of-the-local scene Ranch Ghost, recorded during The Today Show's piece about the contemporary vinyl scene. The only member of the audience for this session? Mister Al Roker. Did he like what he heard? He did indeed!

The first track, "Sugar and Milk," is a rolling, idyllic trip-dream traveling into what a future could be. The second, "Soot," is CCR-infused backwoods rocker that is as perfect for day-drinking on the porch as it is for keeping the beat on the street. The perfect soundtrack for hazy Summer days and stolen Summer nights.

Ranch Ghost Blue Room Sessions 7" is available TODAY at thirdmanstore.com or an indie retailer near you. Have a listen while you wait for your hard copy to arrive on your doorstep via Spotify below...