Posted by Third Man on 13 January 2016

Third Man Records presents our limited edition component to the much celebrated (and Golden Globe awarded) Hateful Eight soundtrack, featuring original scoring by Ennio Morricone. Produced in a limited number of 500, and featuring many hand-made and hand-assembled elements, this is one for Third Man and Quentin Tarantino fans alike. Just check this video and see for yourself!

The included LP is two 180-gram LPs w/ all the posters and booklet from the standard edition, but with a different cover featuring our man QT hard at work on the inside fold out... The 18 gauge galvanized steel 7" box features real bullet holes and a laser etched Hateful Eight logo. The box itself contains the score and soundtrack as a 7" set (on blood red vinyl w/ black streaks) inside 8 separate sleeves featuring all members of the Hateful Eight from the film, as well as a metal noose pin and a replica of the film's famed "Lincoln Letter."

We'll have editions for sale in-store only (no online sales) in both our Nashville and Detroit stores on January 25th.

• 2 180-gram LPs
• Trifold jacket with cover variant (soft touch finish)
• 60” x 12” poster
• 36” x 12” poster
• 12-page booklet insert

• 18 gauge galvanized steel box with real bullet holes & laser etched logo
• 8 7” records (blood red with black streaks) in Hateful Eight character sleeves (soft touch finish + spot varnish on blood)
• Metal noose pin in custom stamped and blood-spattered box
• Hidden Lincoln Letter replica

Standard version LP available now at and a local, independent record store near you.