Digital Transfer of Elvis' 1st Recording


We are getting pretty excited for Record Store Day, which is... NEXT WEEKEND! So, we figured we'd give you another taste of the magic that is Elvis' first recording "My Happiness." As you know by now, In July of 1953, Presley made his first recording directly to acetate at Sun Studios (Memphis Recording Service) in Memphis, TN. This one-of-a-kind piece of music history was recently purchased by Jack White at auction, and on February 26th, 2015, Jack met with legendary music archivist Alan Stoker at the Country Music Hall of Fame in Nashville, TN to have this "holy grail of rock n roll" digitally transferred so that we could repress it for the masses. A facsimile of this 10" record, using this transfer without alteration, will be available on Record Store Day, with a cleaned-up and re-mastered version of coming in the near future as a 7".

Check out this footage of Alan Stoker and Jack White as they make the transfer and peel back the label to discover a special surprise...

And, don't forget, Third Man Recording Service will be open for business on Record Store Day, recording you in the same way Elvis recorded "My Happiness" — direct-to-acetate in our Blue Room. We begin taking appointments tomorrow morning at 10am CST for that, so check back here for the scheduling link if you're interested. Recordings will cost $100 and that price will include a custom label, made on-the-spot as well as the 10" facsimile of Elvis' "My Happiness." Learn more about this in our Record Store Day Part I of III Announcement