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  • Audio Social Dissent Live at Third Man Records on Devil's Night LP

    Posted by Third Man on 3 May 2016

    Attention fans of Timmy’s Organism, VIDEO and Wolf Eyes, please, set your eyes/ears to front and center. Seems like only yesterday the AUDIO SOCIAL DISSENT supertroupe was touring this troubled continent in a duo of vans fueled by an unbelievable (but very real) commitment to harsh sonics and nothing else—not even petrochemical. Those were beautiful times but now…it’s disappearing in the rearview. Cut to a shot of a single tear running down my face. Cut to another shot of me smirking like Scut Farkus.

    Why? Well, I thought it might be nice to impart a little of the leftovers to those who might appreciate it most. It just wouldn’t be right to hide these beautiful recordsBLUE WITH BLACK WISPS—in our HQ warehouse forever and ever.

    So… We’re happy to announce that this epic, three-way live split between Timmy’s Organism, VIDEO and Wolf Eyes—billed simply as AUDIO SOCIAL DISSENT—is now available to you, our realest, most diehard fans.

    Recorded direct-to-tape in the Blue Room at Third Man Records on Devil's Night 2015, this is a limited edition live record and previously unavailable, tour exclusive. The LP features the psychotic squall from Timmy's Organism, the fire and vitriol of Texas punkers VIDEO, and, notably, an otherwise unreleased Wolf Eyes song, “Devil’s Knights Inn Blues,” which ranks as one of the most profound expressions of American avant-spew.

    Here’s your chance, America. Prove you love the freedom to feel what I’m layin’ down.

    Grip a copy HERE…

    We’re happy to announce that this epic, three-way live split between Timmy’s Organism, VIDEO and Wolf Eyes—billed simply as AUDIO SOCIAL DISSENT—is now available to you, our realest, most diehard fans here in the Vault. If anything remains by Friday, they’ll be made available to the general public.

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  • Upcoming Events in Nashville & Detroit

    Posted by Third Man on 27 April 2016

    We've got a weekend full of in-stores at Third Man's Music City headquarters, plus screenings and shows in BOTH Nashville and Detroit in the next two weeks. Here's the rundown...

    In-stores in Nashville this weekend include Negative Scanner (Friday), La Sera (Sunday), Ultimate Painting (Monday).

    Films include the sister-screening to our April Light + Sound Machine offering, Joseph Bernard: Prismatic Music, at our Cass Corridor Location, as well as our third Peripheral Visions film pick: Three The Hard Way, in which action explodes all over the place when the big three join forces to save their race! A record producer (Jim Brown), a PR man (Fred Williamson) and a black belt (Jim Kelly) in karate team up to stop a secret white supremacist plan to contaminate the water supplies of Detroit, Los Angeles and Washington D.C. with a substance that is lethal only to blacks. Sent up decades later in BLACK DYNAMITE (switching water for malt liquor), Gordon Parks Jr.'s 1974 followup to the blaxploitiation classic SUPER FLY is an action lover's dream come true: Guns! Karate! Topless biker torturesses! And explosions out the wazoo! They've done it before on their own... but this one's too big to handle alone. Get your tickets for both screenings HERE.

    We're also pleased to present WOODS with Sunseeker Monday in Nashville and Chain & the Gang with Death Valley Girls in Detroit in early May.

    Stay tuned in coming weeks for additional May events... we're cooking up a great Spring worth of entertainment in the two cities we call home, and we want to spend it with you!

    Free events are unticketed — Just go ahead and show up when doors open to reserve your spot!
    Tickets for all ticketed events can be found at
    Screenings! Shows! In-Stores! Oh My!

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    Posted by Third Man on 25 April 2016

    Third Man Books is excited to announce one of the most anticipated books of the year about one of the most influential bands of all time... The Stooges. TOTAL CHAOS: The Story of The Stooges / As Told by Iggy Pop is the first time the story of this seminal band has been told entirely in Pop's own words.

    Author Jeff Gold and contributor Johan Kugelberg, noted music historians and collectors, spent two days with Pop at his Miami home, sharing with him their extensive Stooges collection and interviewing the legendary singer. Pop’s candid, bare-all responses left them with the almost unbelievable tale of the band he founded—the alternately tragic and triumphant story of a group who rose from youth, fell prey to drugs, alcohol, and music biz realities, collapsed and nearly 30 years later reformed, recording and touring to great acclaim. In 2010 The Stooges, credited with having invented punk rock, were inducted into the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame. Their continuing influence can be felt today in the shape and sound of rock-n-roll music.

    Jeff Gold, Johan Kugelberg and editor/contributor Jon Savage are among the most respected music authors and historians working today. Their efforts include numerous acclaimed and best-selling books and a Grammy Award. TOTAL CHAOS stands as a work for all fans of the band and rock music to draw inspiration. Including an absolute treasure-trove of rare and unseen photographs, TOTAL CHAOS is a book that shows AND tells the story of The Stooges. A metallic k.o. of only the best kind.


    It was a rare privilege to sit with Iggy as he downloaded the story of The Stooges. He’s an incredible storyteller with a fantastic memory and a great sense of humor, and he held nothing back. The Stooges were pioneers in sound, look, and live presentation, and along the way invented a genre—punk rock—and influenced countless others that followed. There was no precedent in rock music for what they did. They're definitely the only group in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame who started out playing an amplified Waring blender, a vacuum cleaner, spring water bottles and a 200 gallon oil drum. — Jeff Gold, Author of 101 Essential Rock Records

    Iggy and The Stooges have to be one of the greatest American rock bands that has ever been. — Joan Jett

    What does it mean to be Iggy Pop, five decades of being ‘the wildest man in rock’? Iggy Pop is many things. Rock Star. Singer, Rebel. Primitive. Stooge. The Jean Genie, Passenger. Legend. — Johnny Marr

    Iggy Pop has turned the interview into an art form. In this book he tells the history of The Stooges with a mixture of wit, candor and spontaneity: from their early beginnings to their full flaming flare over three groundbreaking albums before the crash and the triumphant return that no-one could have predicted. Profusely illustrated with dozens of unseen images, this is the story of The Stooges like you’ve never read it before. — Jon Savage, Author of England's Dreaming.


    Ben Blackwell
    Joan Jett
    Johnny Marr
    Jack White
    & more.

    Cover photo by Dustin Pittman

    Third Man Books is excited to announce one of the most anticipated books of the year about one of the most influential bands of all time... The Stooges. TOTAL CHAOS: The Story of The Stooges / As Told by Iggy Pop is the first time the story of this seminal band has been told entirely in Pop's own words.

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  • Jack White's Contribution to Beyoncé's new record LEMONADE

    Posted by Third Man on 24 April 2016

    Jack White and Beyoncé co-write and co-produce the track Don’t Hurt Yourself for Beyoncé’s new album LEMONADE, which premiered last night on HBO. Check it out now on TIDAL, or download the track from iTunes.

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  • Ultimate Painting Live at Third Man Records... Coming Soon to a Venue Near You!

    Posted by Third Man on 21 April 2016

    Beautiful morning! Ultimate Painting’s Live at Third Man Records full-length LP will be available EARLY and RIGHT ON TIME for the band’s forthcoming Spring tour with Woods, starting on April 23rd in Chicago. The same tour, incidentally, passes riiiiight through Nashville. Maybe you’ll join us? Perhaps attend in your own hometown? You do you  — BUT — just know that this is the only place to grab a copy 'til way later. Check the dates below.

    The official proper global release date for the LP is set for May 27th, 2016.

    This LP is oozing with seriously SUPREME CUTS from both Ultimate Painting and Green Lanes (both released via Trouble in Mind). In some cases (like "Ten Street" and "Ultimate Painting") slick old favorites are stretched to their limits. It stands as a first-rate document of live rock ‘n’ roll that hits you like cold rain plus hot toddy. All the while taking special care not to bury lyric and beautiful harmonies under a security blanket of guitar squall and pointless effects. Straight to the point and totally balanced! That’s a guarantee and a perfect prescription.

    Wait though, not finished. Recorded the same day, at the same show, we’ll also deliver The Paperhead’s Live at Third Man Records 7’’! The record includes the obvious, future-classic “Africa” from their highly mesmerizing Africa Avenue (TiM) and an as-yet-unreleased track “Little Kid Blues” showcasing the band at their heaviest and most dynamic--shout out to that Farfisa swagger and them excellent drums. A fantastic listen through and through and a perfect compliment to the LP.


    Sat-Apr-23 Chicago, IL @ Lincoln Hall *
    Mon-Apr-25 Madison, WI @ High Noon Saloon *
    Tue-Apr-26 St. Paul, MN @ Turf Club *
    Wed-Apr-27 Iowa City, IA @ Gabe’s *
    Thu-Apr-28 Kansas City, MO @ The Riot Room *
    Sat-Apr-30 Austin, TX @ Levitation Austin *
    Mon-May-02 Nashville, TN @ Third Man Records
    Tue-May-03 Atlanta, GA @ Masquerade – Purgatory Room *
    Wed-May-04 Asheville, NC @ Mothlight *
    Thu-May-05 Washington, DC @ Rock & Roll Hotel *
    Fri-May-06 Philadelphia, PA @ Boot and Saddle *
    Sat-May-07 New York, NY @ Music Hall of Williamsburg *

    Get them on tour in a town hear you, or wait until the official release date May 27th!

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  • Acoustic in Alaska Sneak Peek

    Posted by Third Man on 20 April 2016

    We are VERY excited about Vault Package #28, and we know you are too, which is why we feel compelled to remind you that the deadline is FAST APPROACHING! If you don't sign up by April 30th, we're afraid you might never feast your ears on Acoustic in Idaho or your eyes on Acoustic in Alaska! So, here's a recap of what Vault Package #28 has in store for you. Once your memory has been refreshed, head on over to the Third Man Records online store and sign up to be a Platinum Subscriber NOW or forever hold your peace...

    About 1 year ago, Jack White embarked on an unusual, acoustic tour. Hitting the only five states in the US in which he had yet to perform — the wild environs of North Dakota, South Dakota, Wyoming, Idaho, and Alaska — White and his acoustic ensemble of Dominic Davis, Fats Kaplin and Lillie Mae Rische delivered jaw-dropping performances to the previously JW deprived terrritories. Each show was announced only hours before curtains lifted and tickets were only available in the venue box office, 1 per person, for $3. "No tradesies." Rampant online speculation, guesstimation and divining ensued, and those who were lucky and/or cunning enough to secure a seat were admired by all. The shows had several standards and rules set ahead of time by White: no amplifiers, only ribbon microphones used, and no monitors on stage.

    Vault Package #28 is a celebration of these unprecedented performances and the end of the era that they signified. Beyond the double LP component, Acoustic in Idaho, the package also includes a DVD of Jack's performance from the Wendy Williamson Auditorium in Anchorage, Alaska. With the ethereal setting adding to the mystique of the circumstance, the show was one of the most thrilling in White’s twenty-plus-year career, and those who were there to enjoy it (who had waited all day in the snow), bore witness to a once-in-a-lifetime performance. We present that memorable show here, in its entirety, on DVD, with expertly engineered sound and editing by TMR’s in-house film guru Brad Holland. Acoustic in Alaska is truly spectacular. View a clip from the performance below:

    The package also features Pictures From Unknown States, an intimate collection of shots from photographer, close Third Man ally David James Swanson. This pictorial travelogue of the tour and the places and people it encountered on its route is a packed-to-the-brim 52 pages of sheer wonder. Also borrowed from Swanson’s stunning photo archives and are two elegant Risograph prints, both suitable for framing and evocative of the gilded settings of each one of these performances.

    The sign-up deadline for Vault Package #28 is next Saturday, April 30th, at 7pm CST. There's only one way to see the performance if you weren't in the audience, and that is to become a Platinum Vault Subscriber today.


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