28 May 2015


Live records. We love them. Why? Maybe it's because our Blue Room is the most magical place we've ever seen a show... Maybe it's because performers come alive and pull out all the stops and feel NERVOUS for the first time since they began touring when they know we're putting it down on tape or acetate. Maybe it's because our engineers capture every click, pop, cheer, idiosyncrasy, audience cheer, and yes, maybe even a mistake or two, and lock it into history — a moment impervious to time, a medium impervious to correction. Maybe it's because we were there, and we cherish every moment we get to spend in the presence of greatness at the place we call home doing what we love. 

We've got two such live records coming at you fast and hard from last July and October respectively. The first is from God of the Guitar Peter Walker. He is the last living psychedelic guitar maestro in a long line of greats like John Fahey, Robbie Basho and Sandy Bull. His performance was nothing short of a master class for anyone who’s ever picked up a guitar. For the occasion Walker performed a handful of songs on piano, something he’s never done before or since. Ending with an absolutely haunting and unreal version of “Chandranandan” Peter Walker left doubt in no one’s mind that he is one of the most important guitar players ever. A transcendent evening. A sample clip can be heard below, and the record pre-ordered HERE... 

The second is from our dear friends The Dutchess and the Duke, whose self-described “campfire punk” is equal parts beautiful boy/girl harmonies, subdued finger-picked acoustic guitar pairings, and minimal percussive accoutrements. In short… it’s sublimely compelling. After a hiatus of a few years, they’re slowly creeping back into live performances and Third Man was thrilled to host one of the first, recording the set direct-to-acetate in the relaxed, intimate setting of the Blue Room. A sample clip can be heard below, and the record pre-ordered HERE...

Both records are officially available June 9th, but are available for pre-order today! If you're lucky, we might even start shipping them a little early...  Pick your copies up at thirdmanstore.com or head to your favorite local, independent record shop to snag them come the 9th.