Thursday • Friday • Saturday 5pm-12am


Tours are currently suspended until further notice due to Covid-19. The Recording Booth is also currently closed due to Covid-19.

Third Man Records was launched by Jack White in Detroit, MI in 2001, and in 2009 opened its current Nashville, TN location, which houses a record store, novelties lounge (featuring the Third Man Record Booth), label offices and distribution center, photo studio, and the world’s only live venue with direct-to-acetate recording capabilities. Third Man is an innovator in the world of vinyl records and a boundary pusher in the world of recorded music, aiming to bring tangibility and spontaneity back into the record business and issue releases that leave no doubt in the minds of listeners that music is indeed sacred.


One of our knowledgeable and experienced staffers will make you privy to the inner workings of our direct-to-acetate recording facilities and expansive label offices during this exclusive and intimate 30 minute-to-an-hour experience.

Tickets are available first-come-first-served in the Nashville store on the day of the tour. 10 tickets will be made available for each tour at a price of $20 per person.


2pm - Fridays and Saturdays


Please contact for any questions regarding the Third Man Records and Novelties Lounge, our Record Booth and other contraptions, or your purchases made from the storefront.

If you are interested in renting the Blue Room for private events, please see our facility rental page.