22 August 2017

photos by Jamie Goodsell

Yesterday, we gazed upward and fell awestruck as the Sun was obscured by the Moon. Day turned hastily to evening, temperatures dropped dramatically, light streamed across the sky around the silhouette of the moon and we insignificant humans with our small feet planted on planet Earth were overwhelmed with an understanding of the vastness of the cosmos and how we are but small spectators in the great cosmic ballet. Those who watched the total solar eclipse from Third Man Records in Nashville, Tennessee, also heard the eclipse thanks to Quintron's Weather Warlock, a weather activated synthesizer. Light, temperature, wind, electricity, and moisture all effect the sounds emitting from the condition-controlled analog instrument, providing viewers with a musical experience that was dictated by the solar eclipse itself. With an invocation from Third Man Books poet Janaka Stucky, and a street packed with our awestruck fellow man (and a few four legged friends), we shared an experience that united and inspired. Have a look at Occulting the Sunn in the recap video above...

...And, listen to Nashville Public Radio's piece on our event here