Record Store Day 2014


On April 19th, Record Store Day, Third Man Records presented Jack White recording the World’s Fastest Released Record, studio-to-store, in the history of mankind. 

You heard correctly. First thing in the morning, Jack White took the stage in Third Man's blue room and recorded direct-to-acetate what served as the limited edition version of his next single, a live rendition of the title track from his upcoming LP Lazaretto. The masters were rushed over to United Record Pressing who immediately began pressing 45s. The sleeves were printed from pictures taken at the show. The finished records were whisked back to Third Man to sell to awaiting fans. All in the same day. All in a matter of mere hours. As long as there are fans in line waiting to buy the single, United continued to press and deliver them to Third Man to sell. 

In addition, Whirlwind Heat appeared at Third Man to play their first live show since 2006 (and likely their last ever), as their TMR classic Do Rabbits Wonder? LP was reissued on a variety of colored vinyl for Record Store Day.

Plus a great selection of local vendors were on hand to keep everyone well-fed and refreshed..