Gibby Haynes, best known as the front man of Butthole Surfers, is known for being a wild and unpredictable artist.  The singer has performed both in women’s clothes and in the nude, fired blanks from a shotgun into the crowd, given bizarre interviews, and made a mess of the stage in general.  Haynes was raised in Dallas, TX where he graduated high school with honors, received a college basketball scholarship, and got a job at an accounting firm.  While realizing he wasn’t satisfied with the professional direction he was heading in, he met guitarist Paul Leary.  Haynes and Leary left college and moved to California to start a band, which became Butthole Surfers.  During the 1980’s Butthole Surfers became a big name in the underground rock scene due to their performance art-like live show, which included projecting disturbing pictures and videos behind the band while they were playing.  In the early nineties Butthole Surfers were signed to Capitol Records and started to gain mainstream success.  In addition to fronting Butthole Surfers, Haynes has also recorded solo projects, appeared in several films, and worked as a radio host.  Gibby Haynes recorded a 7” for Third Man Records’ “Blue Series” with “Paul’s Not Home” / “You Don’t Have to Be Smart” backed by “Horse Named George.”