Third Man Records prides itself on creating an environment where just about anything and everything can be done in-house. Its musicians make music, its sound engineers record, its graphic designers design, its web developers code, its office staff plans, its shipping department ships, its marketers market. We are a family that works hand in hand to ensure that every idea is brought to life, every record is spun, and every package that bears our logo is a product of Third Man blood, sweat, and tears.



Graphic Designer (Full-Time): Third Man Records - Nashville

Seeking not-your-average graphic designer for a position within a collaborative department of creatives. Ideal candidates should have more ideas than hours in the day, above-average communication skills, be deadline-oriented and organized but unchained creatively, with subversive tendencies, a sensitive inspiration trigger, and enthusiasm a'plenty.


Bachelor’s degree in Graphic Arts or related field required. 3-5 years of work experience in graphic design is preferable.


This position requires the ability to efficiently and proficiently use the Adobe Creative Suite. Additionally, a good understanding of page layout, printing procedures, typography, color schemes, and a general artistic/creative background and demonstrable attention to detail are all very important for this position.


To apply, submit your resume, cover letter, and a link to digital portfolio to


Machine Repair: Third Man Records - Nashville

We are seeking a technician experienced with coin-op machines and/or other antique mechanical/electrical items. We are looking to hire an independent contractor on an as-needed basis. When applying, please include specific details about areas of knowledge and experience with your application.


Production & Supply Chain Manager (Full-Time):  Third Man Records - Nashville,

Third Man Records Production Manager is responsible for the physical production process for all catalog and new release products. The Production Manager is also responsible for optimizing inventory storage and managing the supply chain between manufacturers, warehouses, and distributors. 

Job Duties:


  • • Manage ALL new release and catalog production and manufacturing for physical configurations according to the necessary timelines

  • • Enforce deadlines with internal department and production partners and ensure that releases are scheduled according to feasible timelines

  • • Manage inventory of audio media

  • • Maintain relationships with production plants and component vendors

  • • Manage special project production, assembly, and transport

  • • Process product requests from distributors

  • • Work closely with The Orchard to ensure products are properly aligned with warehouse guidelines

  • • Lead production meetings

  • • Work with the marketing team to support their efforts and initiatives 


The ideal candidate is extremely detail-oriented and highly organized with has advanced spreadsheet skills. They are a self-starter, 33-ball-juggler, who loves meeting deadlines but is resourceful enough to think around them in a pinch. The ideal candidate is highly intuitive, not afraid to take risks to solve difficult problems, and confident in their exceptional communication skills. 3-5 years industry experience preferred. MUST LOVE VINYL.


If you would like to apply for any of these positions, please contact us at with the job title in the subject line, a cover letter or description of your interest in working for Third Man Records, as well as an updated resumé.



Third Man Books Internship (Fall 2019): Third Man Records - Nashville

Third Man Books is looking for applicants to fulfill an unpaid internship position that can be completed in exchange for college credit. Applicants should be interested in publishing fiction and poetry. This position would include but not be limited to proofreading, promoting titles via social media, mail room duties, selling books retail via pop-ups and author events, and the assembly/fulfillment of unique special edition book box sets. Students interested in the position should e-mail their resume to booksubmissions@thirdmanrecords.comPlease enter "Third Man Books Internship" as the email's subject.


Office Internship (Fall 2019): Third Man Records - Nashville

This internship can completed in exchange for college credit. Applicants must have some background in the music business or be taking classes pertaining to business and/or entertainment, media, etc. We want the internship to benefit you as much as it does us. If interested and meet all of the criteria, please send your resumé and cover letter to, including what semester you are applying for in the subject line.


If you wish to submit a resumé for us to have on file at either Third Man Records location, please include a cover letter and send to Let us know in the subject line at which office and in which department you are seeking a position.

Please note that we cannot guarantee we will be able to return all messages.