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Whirlwind Heat

Whirlwind Heat

Rising from the swampy depths of Grand Rapids, MI in the halcyon days of the mid-Nineties, what began as a quartet of Moog-toting, Sonic Youth-obsessed spazzes evolved quickly before our eyes. A performance at the Gold Dollar in Detroit led to recording a 7” for Italy Records and a song for inclusion on the Sympathetic Sounds of Detroit compilation. Pared down to a trio shortly thereafter, the Heat would become the first outside band on Jack White’s Third Man Records with the 2003 release of the colorfully-song-titled album Do Rabbits Wonder?

Worldwide touring ensued, frenzy was created, and nothing short of fantastic was the trip. The ten-songs-in-ten-minutes follow-up Flamingo Honey was written and recorded in a single day and is still, in this writer’s opinion, one of the stand-out accomplishments of Western culture in the mid-2000’s. A second “proper-length” disc entitled Types of Wood was recorded in CA in hopes of recreating the Cake Fashion Nugget drum sound. Promo copies of the album were accompanied by custom-made Louisville Sluggers with the album info burned into the sweet spot of the baseball bat.

While members are all currently spread far away and located in such cosmopolitan locales as LA, Chicago and NYC did not prevent them from recording and kind-of releasing their most recent album Scoop Du Jour.

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