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Spray Paint

Spray Paint

Austin-based trio Spray Paint deliver a discordant squall of no-wave guitars and stomping rhythms with a bitter, sardonic attitude. Their biting, jarring songs are inspired by the bleakness and desolation surrounding their habitat, homelessness, and human neglect of the environment. Spray Paint evolved from the noisy Austin group When Dinosaurs Ruled the Earth, who formed in the mid-2000s and issued a handful of recordings. Bandmembers Chris Stephenson, Cory Plump, and George Dishner decided to branch off into a different group when their bandmates weren't able to make it to practice. Spray Paint weren't quite as harsh and blown-out as WDRTE, but they still had a confounding, angular sound which quickly gained attention throughout the underground noise-rock scene. Spray Paint debuted in 2012 with two 7" singles on S-S Records, both of which contained hand-assembled, spray-painted sleeves. The group's self-titled debut (also with spray-painted jackets) appeared on the label in early 2013, and it quickly sold out of two pressings, as the group toured around the country and began to gain a following. Second album Rodeo Songs arrived later in the year. In 2014, Upset! the Rhythm released their 7" EP Cussin', and Austin label Monofonus Press released their third album, Clean Blood, Regular Acid. The group toured Australia in 2015, and Aussie label Homeless issued their full-length Punters on a Barge as well as a split 7" with Exek. Another full-length on Monofonus, Dopers, also appeared that year. Goner Records issued the prolific band's sixth album, Feel the Clamps, as well as companion EP Bogans & Hoons, in 2016.

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