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Mildred and the Mice

Mildred and the Mice

The mysterious goth milquetoast “Mildred” appeared before Jack White at a hardware store in Kentucky. She had no demo to give, nor guitar with her, so instead she sang her song “I Like My Mice (Dead)” at the top of her lungs in front of several hardware store customers before quickly walking out of the store in shy earnest. Mr. White immediately followed her to the sidewalk and signed her to a Third Man single contract. She hails from the Mammoth Cave area, but hasn’t given the staff an age, or current address! (don’t worry we’ll be holding her royalty checks here for her) In fact her mother dropped her off at Third Man studio for the single session and waited patiently in a Winnebago outside the studio until Mildred was done recording. Mildred showed up with a very cool Gretsch Princess guitar but called it a “gitch”. Her band The Mice were even less forth coming than she was, asking only for a copy of the record when it was done. Luckily we were able to snap a few shots of them at the Third Man headquarters before they headed back to Kentucky. The two songs available now are nothing short of remarkable, and were recorded live to 8 track in one take. Jack White has given this recording the special Third Man catalog number of #003 stating; “this is exactly the kind of record we want to put out.”

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  • I Like My Mice (Dead)
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