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  • Pokey LaFarge 7", King Tuff Live LP & More...

    Posted by Third Man on 20 August 2013

    Dear friends, family, fans, and followers (known as the 4Fs in the "Biz"…),

    We at Third Man HQ are gearing up for a flurry of activity and releases beginning no sooner than… right now. Let's dive right in, shall we?

    Released today, Aug. 20th

    Pokey LaFarge - Central Time 7" - Pack up your portable record player and sit by the Ohio River blasting this gem of a tribute to living in the good ol' Midwest. Featuring super snazzy artwork and non-album B Side "St. Louis Crawl." Sitting at the crossroads of early jazz, country blues and western swing, these two homegrown tracks are enough to make any damn yankee, mountain man or California dreamer reconsider their stomping grounds. Purchase here

    King Tuff - Live at Third Man Records LP - At long last the Live at Third Man LP from hyper enigmatic rock n roll pop guitar god King Tuff hits the shelves. Recorded back on lucky Friday the13th of July, 2012, we are super excited to have this epic set as a part of our live series of records from Third Man available to and for the people. 

    Check the shred-tastic groover "Just Strut" right here and now and try and tell us it doesn't make you wanna spray paint "Tuff Enough" on your locker and then kick-flip off the back of an AMC Ambassador and skate off into nighttime oblivion…  Get your live vinyl now and get revved up for the mighty King Tuff headed out on tour starting next September and hitting Denver, St. Louis, Chicago, Toronto, Boston, Philly, NYC, DC, Carrboro, Atlanta, Dallas, Scottsdale, Santa Ana, LA, San Francisco, Vancouver, Seattle and Portland. Check all the dates here!


    Aug. 27th - The White Stripes - Elephant Reissue LP  - This is the official release date for the long-awaited reissue of The White Stripes fourth album and major label debut. Pleased to announce 180 gram black vinyl version has been mastered direct from the original, analog source for the 2002 recordings at Toe Rag Studios. The 180 gram black vinyl discs come housed in a double-gatefold sleeve, with printed inner sleeves and an MP3 download card. This album is dedicated to the death of the sweetheart and is still as poignant today as when it was originally released 10 years ago. We draw a firm line here… you can't consider yourself a White Stripes fan without this record on your shelf. Pre-orderhere, now.

    Sept. 3rd - Volume 3 Charley Patton, Blind Willie McTell and Mississippi Sheiks Complete Recorded Works Document Records Reissue LPs - The much anticipated 3rd volume from our re-issue series of the complete works of Charley Patton, Blind Willie McTell and The Mississippi Sheiks hits the shelves. Casual fans of American Music and history and blues completists alike, this is your time to rejoice. 

    Sept. 17th - The Melvins - Live At Third Man LP - The mighty Melvins stomped through Third Man last May and threw down an epic live set on ourDirect To Disc live to acetate system. The results of that evening of legends doing a legendary set are coming your way on Sept. 10th on glorious vinyl. Tell the people. 

    All that and a whole lot more coming your way over the coming weeks and months. As always, stay tuned for all the excitement coming your way from the most recklessly fun label in the business (us)… And if you're in Nashville this Thursday don't forget to come by The Light & Sound Machine for our rare 16mm screening of psychedelic Brazilian Western masterpiece, Antonio Das Mortes. It's going to be a good one!

    We at Third Man HQ are gearing up for a flurry of activity and releases beginning no sooner than… right now

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    Posted by Third Man on 19 August 2013

    Jack White is excited to announce that he will be performing at Another Day, Another Time: Celebrating The Music of "Inside Llewyn Davis," a concert inspired by music from the upcoming Coen Brothers' film at The Town Hall in New York City on September 29th. Pre-sale tickets will be available on Tuesday, August 20th at 12pm ET. Tickets go on sale to the public at 12pm ET on Wednesday, August 21st.


    Jack White is excited to announce that he will be performing at Another Day, Another Time: Celebrating The Music of "Inside Llewyn Davis"

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  • Record of the Week: Amy Walker

    Posted by Third Man on 13 August 2013

    This week's Nice Price Record Of The Week is our Amy Walker Discourse On Accents Green Series 7".

    Amy is an actress who made quite the name for herself as an expert in the field of replicating accents from all over the world, as evidenced by the over 5 million views of her "21 Accents" video on YouTube. This Green series single features 4 separate tracks on the A-Side ranging from an introduction to Amy, to readings, to improvisations, as well as an enlightening interview with the artist on the B-Side by Jack White. In order to better reflect the theme of the record's exploration of shifting identity perceptions, there are 30 different cover sleeves that exist for this record. The Discourse On Accents Green Series single is, to our minds, a terrific example of vinyl single as cultural document. It is as entertaining as it is educational and the sleeve variants round out the whole concept very nicely.

    Whether you are interested in audio as conceptual art, or just enjoy trying tocollect all the different sleeves, we think you'll agree that this single makes for a very interesting entry into the TMR catalog, and a real bargain for our Record Of The Week. The Amy Walker 5-Cover Bundle is similarly discounted to this week's nice price as well...


    This week's Nice Price Record Of The Week is our Amy Walker Discourse On Accents Green Series 7".

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  • Light + Sound Machine Presents... Antonio Das Mortes

    Posted by Third Man on 9 August 2013

    ANTONIO DAS MORTES d. Glauber Rocha, Brazil 1969 - 16mm - Color - 100min

    One screening only: 7pm Thursday, August 22 at Third Man Records in Nashville TN

    The Light & Sound Machine presents a rare 16mm screening of Glauber Rocha's ANTONIO DAS MORTES (aka O Dragão da Maldade Contra o Santo Guerreiro.) A staple of Brazil's Cinema Novo movement, this psychedelic interpretation of Leone-styled Spaghetti Westerns is a violent carnival of bursting colors and music (provided by Marlos Nobre and the Folk Group of Minas), as well as a tribute to the enduring class struggles of Latin America.

    Tickets are currently available for $10 in our webstore, or $8 for Belcourt members at the Belcourt website.

    The Light & Sound Machine presents a rare 16mm screening of Glauber Rocha's ANTONIO DAS MORTES

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    Posted by Third Man on 7 August 2013

    Kelley Stoltz - Double Exposure - TMR 219

    While many rocking bands in San Francisco and beyond claim to be 'garage' bands' - Kelley Stoltz has actually recorded his new LP "Double Exposure" in the garage behind his house. And while the car oil stained floors are covered by oriental rugs and there are no snow shovels laying around - there is a collection of vintage synths, 17 guitars, tape echos, mellotrons, a 50's jukebox, a Teardrop Explodes poster, a tape machine used by The Residents, an amp used by Stooge James Williamson, and a myriad other noise making devices which rear their heads on his new record. All told the place is called Electric Duck Studio and it's become a muse capturing zone for Stoltz, as well as Sonny & the Sunsets, The Mantles, Tim Cohen, Life Stinks, The Sandwitches and many other tuneweavers big and small.

    "Double Exposure" is Kelley's first album in a while - near on 3 years since his last one, "To Dreamers" came out on Sub Pop. What the heck has he been doing since, you ask? Well renovating the garage for one, and using said garage studio to engineer, produce or encourage the above named bands… You see time flies when you're having fun. Add in some love, a little heartbreak, turning 40, deciding to jog everyday, staring at the wall, singing hundreds of songs into the phone, sleeping, recording an album of cover songs with his family, making a couple 45 singles, catching white wine buzzes, getting dropped by Sub Pop, playing keyboards on tour with Rodriguez, and signing on with old supporters at Third Man Records… really it's as good old Sandy Denny sang, who knows where the time goes.

    Anyway, if you stir up all that stuff and a few other things we won't mention here, you have the makings of a fantastic and heartfelt record, "Double Exposure" has 10 new jams that Thee Oh Sees main man, John Dwyer, describes thusly, "A piece of gold in your ear, A lovely thought in your mind, A breeze in the sun, This record is perfect…"

    Nicely put there Johnny! And you too will thrill to the sound of delay pedals twisting the keys on "Inside My Head", crane your neck to the backwards guitars of "Are You My Love", ramble and gamble to the clanging cymbals on the title track, question the sanity of a song called "Kim Chee Taco Man", and finally, fall down and weep at the sweet fluted sentiments of "It's Summertime Again".

    For all of you Aussie rules fans, the album was mixed and mastered by Mikey Young of Eddy Current Suppression Ring/Total Control and features Stoltz playing most of the instruments himself and overdubbing parts through his trusty 8 track tape machine.


    "Double Exposure" will be released on LP/Download by Third Man Records on 9/24/13 in the US and 10/7/13 in UK / Europe.

    Kelley Stoltz - Double Exposure - TMR 219

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  • Jerry King: Nice Price Record of the Week

    Posted by Third Man on 30 July 2013

    This week's Nice Price Record of the Week hails from our non-musical Green Series, which generally features spoken word, poetry readings, or instructional discussions paired with an interview with Jack White.  Jerry's King's Green Series presents one such interview with Jack, where the pair discuss history, cadence, rhythm, and speed of auctioneering. On the double-grooved B side, Jerry King walks the listener through two hypothetical auctions. Depending on where the needle is dropped, listeners are transported to either an automobile auction or a tobacco and chocolate auction. The Green Series also includes contributions from Tempest StormEdgar OliverAmy WalkerConan O'Brienand BP Fallon… all of whom could teach us a thing or two.

    This week's Nice Price Record of the Week hails from our non-musical Green Series

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