• Gibby Haynes Blue Series

    The Pope of The Butthole Surfers and Silver Screen Legend, Gibby Haynes teams up with Third Man Records and releases into the wilds three blasts of psychic energy in the punk rock idiom exploiting a range of subjects from, teenagers on fire, Equine love affairs, and Recession shotgun stories. Yes folks, it''s the Gibby Haynes Blue Series 7" Single on Third Man Records and it’s being released on Valentines Day, 2013. For lovers.

    The three-song single features two originals "You Don't Have To Be Smart" and "Horse Named George," and a cover of Adrenalin OD's "Paul's Not Home," a lost classic (cough cough... ahem) that originally appeared on the 1982 New York Thrash compilation alongside the first ever recorded material by Beastie Boys and some of the earliest known recordings by Bad Brains, Kraut and others.

    The limited edition component of this single will be another first for Third Man Records... a FLEX-RAY DISC. We'll be selling a very limited number of copies of this single pressed on old medical x-rays from The Rolling Record Store in Austin, TX (The Butthole Surfers old stomping grounds...) during this year's South By Southwest festival. So stay tuned here for more info on the RRS at SXSW, including more limited edition records, new items and merchandise, live performances from the truck and all the locations where we'll be posted up this year.

    Available for presale now in our webstore and will ship in time to arrive so you can bestow upon your sweetheart on St. Valentines Day.

  • Forced Perspective Painting at TMR

    Come by and see us at Third Man and have a look through the peep hole in our venue entrance to see our freshly painted eye popping forced perspective painting done by Chris Clawson.

    Check out this video and BELIEVE:

  • Monkey Band Mystery Artist Clue #4

    Coming Down The Mountain.

  • Monkey Band Mystery Artist Clue #3

    Beaver's dad.

  • Tomorrow: Document Records Reissues Release

    Tomorrow is the official release date for our first batch of releases from our Document Records Reissue Series.

    If you haven't already, head down to your local Vinyl Retailer and pick one or all of these beauties up. OR just go ahead and order direct from us... bundle deal on all three records is still available.

    To celebrate we'll be offering 50 copies of each Limited Edition vinyl versions of these releases in our Nashville Record Store. One release per day for the next 3 days.

    Tuesday Jan. 29 - 50 copies of Charlie Patton on Yellow vinyl.
    Wednesday Jan. 30 - 50 copies of Blind Willie McTell on Red vinyl
    Thursday Jan. 31- 50 copies of Mississippi Sheiks on Orange vinyl

    For these and all subsequent volumes of our Document Re-issues, there will be 300 limited edition colored vinyl pressed for each release. Hours of Operation are 10am - 6pm.

  • Monkey Band Mysery Artist Clue #2

    Pencil. Perfect.